Belt drive Club Sport 2.5 wheel base compatibility with latest Clubsport Pedals V3

Can anyone confirm for me that the latest version of the Clubsport Pedals V3 will indeed work with an older now discontinued belt drive Club sport V2.5 wheel base??

My original elite pedals have become inoperative and I need new pedals.

Thanks, I know it sounds like a dumb question and it may be. Fanatec should put up a compatibility chart to make understanding this very straight forward.


  • CSP v3 were released in July 2015, CSW v2.5 was released in April 2017. So the pedals are even older than the Base and yes, they are fully compatible.

  • Thank you very much Maurice for the speedy reply.

    Since the general trend in technology is to evolve away from older products I did not want to buy something I cannot use!!!

    Sincerely appreciate your reply!!

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