Ordering from UK.

Hi guys,

Obviously with brexit I'm now looking to pay duty fees on good from EU, how is this now calculated? Im looking to order €875 worth of parts and was wondering how much my total is going to be including fees etc...



  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
    edited April 2022

    Administrative charge is £11.50 (from Oct 2021. not sure if this has gone up since)

    VAT is 20% the value of your goods (incl shipping)... I would say assume £160 in VAT. They do not specify the conversion rate they use in the calculation of the value in £ to impose the VAT.

    The €875 incls shipping I presume.

    If your next question is how long will it take to ship to you. Do a search with shipping as keyword. (top right)

  • Just a thought you might want to have a look at digital motor sport website as they are a fanatec dealer and way more reliable, just saying :)

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