What monitor/tv?? 45" triple setup

I am thinking about putting together a 45" triple screen setup. But I am not sure about what monitors or TV's I should get. I mean, should I go for some proper 45" gaming TV's or just straight up gaming monitors?

So... What monitor/tv would you choose and why would you choose it??


  • i think you do not need that wide for triple screen. 3 x 27" is more than enough as you do not need vertical viewing.

    For sim racing all you need is to see round the corner and anyone coming beside you.

    I thought TVs have a lower response time or refresh rate than monitors.

    There are a few videos on youtube. Check them out. But at the end of the day, get what you want.

  • The reason why I dont like the 27" or the ultra wide screens is because I feel that the vertically height is to short. I mean, the whole picture feels so narrow and unrealistic. Now I know that you dont "see" more of the "world" up and down in screens that are bigger in that sense. But I dunno, it just feels wierd to me. I personaly couldnt go any smaller than 34" triple for an absolute minimum. But 45" or bigger is good.

    But in that size I maybe have to look at "gaming tv" instead of monitors?? 🤔

  • Not sure if you’re still looking, but LG’s OLEDs are pretty good for that. I’ve had an LG CX 55, now a C1 65. Both support HDMI 2.1 (needs to be supported by GPU), 120 Hz @4K, and Gsync. They also make a 48 inch and now 43 inch. Only thing to be mindful of is that OLEDs still have a risk of burn in, but you can get a warranty for that.

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