Heusinkveld sprint pedals With Podium F1 Special Edition

Not sure im swearing using a none Fanatec pedals but i have no choice if im buying the Podium F1 .

I use PC ,PS5 and Series X , so my plan is to use the Podium F1 with the said pedals with the Drive hub and Hori pad .

Has anybody ran into any problems or is there an easier option .

Getting v3 pedals is not an option due to not needing a clutch and my feet being far to big and i want to use my left foot to brake .

its a shame that Fanatic don't do a custom set up that can be spaced apart .


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    I'm using the DriveHub, Podium F1 PS4, and HE Sprint pedals. The DriveHub is running the latest beta driver but still has frame rate issues. Sometimes, it's bad enough mid-corner to cause a crash. I hope they fix this soon

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