Formula V2.5x - GT DD - PS5 - ACC - rumble feature!

Just wondering if anyone has the same set up as me:

Formula V2.5x - GT DD - PS5 - ACC

My wheel rumble feature has been set up in Fanalab but it doesn't work in game. Does anyone else have this working?



  • Hi,

    as Maurice said, Fanalab is not meant to be used with console, is a pc-only tool.

    I got the V2.5x in summer 2021, updated my CSL Elite Ps4 firmware to use the wheel, and at the time I played GTSport and ACC on ps4 and the vibration was definitely working, and I believe was related to a setup setting, maybe SHO, I was so surprised!.

    Maurice, am I wrong? Because it was working out of the box, with factory settings because my setup was erased by the needed fw update to use the wheel.

    I did nothing, I spent few minutes to map all, I mean ALL, the buttons and switches of The wheel on ACC PS4 (well, ex lusinga the 3 buttons that are console-dedicated ), and the wheel vibration was there, maybe I felt it during braking? ABS related?

    After that I moved to PS5 during Christmas, and something was lost, I wasn’t able to replicate the behaviour... but honestly I played very very little.

    Nothing has changed on this matter with the nextgen version of ACC, but now that you’ ve brought that back to my attention I want to play with it and check, both with the CSL base and the DD pro.

    This weekend I’ll try it on the Gt DD Pro that now has reached a 2 months inactivity since has been delivered, I’m not sure if the V2.5x needs an update to work properly with the DD Pro... and this worries me quite a bit because is working nicely along with the CSL Elite and Indon’t want to screw up this working setup untile the new stuff proves to be good enough as an upgrade.

    A reliable one I mean. My CSL Elite is almost 5 years old and still great.


  • Thanks, see what you find. I don't notice any rumble on ABS.

  • Sure mate, I’ll do.

    Having a quite tough saturday dealing with several things to do 😅

    Can’t promise for today, pretty confident for tomorrow!.

    I just finished couple things on the rig, grounding the rig itself and isolate the SQ shifter with nylon washers, just to be on the safe side 😊

    Never had issues in the Playseat Evolution but CSL Elite and the DD Pro are two different ‘beasts’, and the same applies to the TR rig 😬

    But now I have to stop and attend something else 😉


  • Ok here I am!

    First run today with DD Pro and ACC, I removed the V2.5X formula wheel from the CSL Elite base and placed on the DD Pro...I wasn’t able to obtain any rumble from the wheel motors, V3 pedals rumble was functioning instead and easily put on/off from the game Orione menu itself.

    So unfortunately no news but I’m damn sure I had it working for a while when I got my V2.5 wheel running on the ps4 and ACC.

    I’m saying this because I remember my surprise in having it working (summer 2021) and then “well, it’s not there anymore” only few months later.

    Well, I’ll try again during the week, today I have no time for this I’m afraid.

    I’ll keep you posted!


  • Did u ever get these vibrations to work on ps5 before I buy this wheel?

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