I ordered the dd pro 8nm package the v3 pedals and boost break kit but…..

So I ordered what’s mentioned in the title and recently received a package that I had to go pick up. I was a little confused on what the package was because my order says it still in the states I’m here in Canada. Went to go pick it up and it was just the boost kit!?!?!?? Like seriously why does Fanatec deliver items in parts and not everything at one time. Of course I had to pay a duty fee that was 51 dollars, but I’ll have to pay it again once everything else comes, hopefully not in parts. I feel like I am going to end up paying more in duty fees, but not too sure assuming it’s based on weight. Did anyone else have this problem??


  • Duty is based on the value of the goods. Search online for how much Canadians have to pay for overseas purchases.

  • Taxes that you didn't pay when you ordered. Now you pay them.

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