items missing from order (Australia)

Ordered a CSL DD 8nm wheel base, clubsport pedals and formula v2.5 wheel rim (all listed as ready to ship) around two weeks ago and a half weeks ago. Both packages where delayed but Pedals arrived yesterday and the second box supposedly containing the base and rim arrived today, but it was missing the wheel base, it only had the rim, included quick release and the boost kit. There is no third shipment as I revived only two shipping numbers. There is no customer service in australia as far as I know, what do I do? Has anybody else received an order with missing items, how did you go about it?


  • I cannot for the life of me understand why people in Canada, USA, Australia etc are ordering stuff from Fanatec. I’m in Germany and it took them a month to solve my problems. Now they have shut down their hotline and their support mailbox is full. Read the Forums and you will see the situation is dire.

    Fanatec don’t have offices, warehouses or service centres in any of these other markets. If something really goes wrong I have recourse to claim directly from Endor here in Germany legally. There is no entity in your markets where you can do the same. please be careful.

  • What to do - Send a customer support request through 'contact' on the website. I've used it for warranty/repair, it's the right process regardless of locality.

    Regarding local representation, I've sent a couple of items to 'Fanatec Service' at an Australian (NSW) address over the last few years and promptly recieved replacement parts in return. Given the shipping and response timeframes I doubt there's international transport involved, so I suspect it's both the Australian service centre and warehouse. Might not share the address previously provided though, at risk of (understandibly) angry customers giving them a visit...

    Having said that, the coordination of returns (provision of RMA and address to ship to), and probably all new product shipments looks to be managed by Fanatec centrally, you don't get emails from a local. This seems to be the bottleneck everyone is dealing with right now.

    And for the legal recourse issue you're probably right, but if you want to buy from a local Fanatec reseller here (there's only one that I know of) to get that guarantee then there's a decent markup on every item. And if you don't want Fanatec, well that doesn't leave many other options, I doubt you'll get local offices/representation for many, if any other sim-racing options, maybe Logitec or Thrustmaster at best...?

  • *"Fanatec don’t have offices, warehouses or service centres in any of these other markets."*

    Are you sure about that? I'm in the US, I've had two separate RMA's (one for my CSL DD and McLaren wheel, the second for just the wheelbase itself) and they've both gone to a California address for repairs/ replacement.

    I don't know what the legal situation is or how Fanatec have themselves registered in various countries, but they definitely do have some sort of a physical presence outside of Germany.

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    they have taken their hotline offline and their support email address is full. Currently there is no way to get in touch with them. The actions you are describing for support do not currently work. Check the threads, there are countless people in the rma cycle who received replacement or repair units that were defective including me. 2 defective units in a row and this is happening to more and more people wherever they are in the world. Plus it took a month only to receive another unit that was not tested. If we can’t get proper support what can people in AUS expect at the current time. Ben is right, all you can do is the above but all channels of support are blocked at rhe moment.

    i really wish the OP Good luck with his case, I really mean that.

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    do you have a physical address of these offices or warehouses? Is there some kind of management or customer service number that you can call to get in touch with them? If you really needed to could you go to those offices physically and raise your concerns? Lastly are these registered legal entities in the USA, Canada, Australia etc. If no legal entity then there is no branch and no actual structure in these other markets. The lack of transparency is the problem here and that is what brings extra risk to people like the OP.

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