Brake Not 100% on DD Pro (PS5)


I have the DD Pro and play ACC on PS5. I am having an issue with the fact that I cannot get the brake to hit full on the brake bar no matter how hard I press, it is always leaving a bit at the end as per the image. I have watched some YT clips and they are getting full force on the brakes. Am I setting something up wrong?


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    A bit more info could help.

    Which pedals? Is it then the loadcell version or not?

  • Sorry, I am using the pedals that came with the GT DD Pro, I believe they are the standard CSL Pedals (no load cell).

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    Ok, then it's best to set a dead zone on your brake pedal in ACC wheelbase settings.

    You could also connect your wheel to a PC and within the driver enable manual calibration and set all start and end points correctly there.

    But because not much to 100% brake could be enough to change it in the ACC settings.

  • It's not possible on non-LoadCell-Pedals to manually calibrate them.

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    Very inconsistant functionalities. Normally it's the load cell pedals you cannot manually calibrate and you need to change BRF.

    With all my previous Fanatec pedals that had a potmeter or magnetic sensor there was the option to manually calibrate. So for some strange reason it's not possible in the new CSL pedals with the result it not even reaches 100%. Very strange and unwanted behaviour of the pedals if you ask me.

    So in short TS has a defective product where the pedal is not reaching 100%...

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    It was never possible on any Analogue pedal set without a LC connected as the LC is what brings all the electronics to be able to manually calibrate all the pedal Axes.

    It's like this since forever and is nothing strange of the CSL Pedals.

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