Error on display of steering wheel (Podium Racing Wheel F1 on PS4)


I encountered a possible problem. After starting, I gave OK on warning that they are using Torque Key, and then unexpectedly I got a kind of error on the steering wheel (WHEEL BASE 689, MOT CON NA, ST WHEEL 41) after which it started to spin continuously in counterclockwise. After about a minute it stopped and the base disengaged the steering wheel.

I made the latest updates, at the base, steering wheel and what else I have.

After the update, the message reappeared at the first start (WHEEL BASE 692, MOT CON 42, ST WHEEL 44), but it disappeared immediately and everything was ok. A few times. The next day, too. After a few starts the error does not appear at all.

From what could it be?

Thank you.


  • Thats not an error - its showing the firmware of the wheelbase, the motor firmware and the steering wheel

  • I also deduced in the end that it was something related to firmware, but I don't understand why the steering wheel was spinning, and then it was disconnected from base.

    It could be a problem somewhere. Maybe someone else had this problem and found out the cause.

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