GT1 evo for pc gaming rig

I was curious if some owners could give me some input on this.

Fanatec hardware (CDL DD, Clubsport shifter, ebrake, clubsport pedals (With shifter))

I put my evo rig together back in November (loosely, nothing is adjusted yet). And I finally bought a seat for it today. I had planned to use it as a gaming desk/sim rig sort of deal so I bought the keyboard mount and the mousepad.

Does anyone have a good visual of how to set this up so its fairly comfortable and realistic? or am I asking too much out of this setup... Ive seen some people post it and it looks uncomfortable but no one really said so.

Lastly, I have the ebrake mounted to the side of the clubsport shifter, and it feels way too close to the shifter if that makes sense.. if I put the shifter into the 7th gear my knuckles hit the ebrake handle.

I feel like I set this up incorrectly.

Any advice would be great! thanks.


  • Well thats the beauty of profile rigs, you can set them up any way you like, some people run more of a street car, sitting up right position and others run more of a F1 style, nearly laying down setup. As for the handbrake you can always get some extra profile and mount it away from the shifter.

  • You're probably better off searching YT for rig setups and ideas. I have the GT1 Evo and it did take a good month or so for me to settle into it. Constant tweaking and moving things about. I made a mistake by purchasing an actual race bucket seat coz it "looked the part". I wont do it again simply because it's not built to be comfortable.

    Make sure you get the seating as comfortable as possible and spend 30 minutes driving. If you're back starts to ache, shift the seat or move wheel and pedals further away or closer. Whichever is easier.

    While sitting in your seat in the driving position, extend an arm and place it on top of the wheel. You're wrist should be resting on top of the wheel rim. That's a good indication that the wheel is about the right distance away.

    Your legs should be slightly raised off of the seat when your feet are on the pedals. If you're legs are dead straight when your WOT or full on brakes, you need to move the pedal tray closer.

    Move the wheelbase up or down to taste. I find it most comfortable with the top of the wheel rim around the same level as the bottom of my chin in the driving position (formula v2) and the base angled up slightly.

    Change the rig to fit you, not you to fit you're rig. Once you're fully comfortable, you can adjust all other peripherals for comfort or add extra profile as mentioned above.

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