DirectInput windows SDK

Anybody happen to know about Windows Runtime libraries or Windows SDK needed in order to use DirectInput FFB?

We have made our own library in order to get FFB commands from Unity and pass them on to Direct Input. It works fine except when it comes to installing the software on new machines. In some machines it's enough to just install "Windows 10 SDK, version 1809 (10.0.17763.0)" and the FFB starts working but on some machines the FFB doesn't activate. We have made a workaround by installing Visual Studio on the target machine and that seems to install all the necessary DLL's in order for FFB to work in DirectInput.

Any clues or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I know this is a bit tangential to Fanatec but I'm shooting in the dark since the problem is quite weird and we haven't been able to determine why the runtime is enough on some machines or what parts the Visual Studio is installing that magically makes the DirectInput/FFB work.

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