Fanatec Advanced Paddle Module with F1 22 on PS5

I attached the Advanced Paddle Module to my ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2020 today and playing F1 22 on my PlayStation 5. The Fanatec homepage says it’s “PS ready”. So it is at least compatible. The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2021 had these paddles installed from the beginning and so they should hopefully support the F1 game from EA/Codemasters.

 The shifters are working properly. ☺️


I can not set the analog clutch to the bite point I want. If I loosen one of the clutches in the starting grid it is like a digital loosening. If I stop at the track, hold the clutch, put in the first gear and press the throttle the car moves immediately like I did not pressed the clutch at all. The clutch has no effect. So I can not adjust the bite point or use it like an analog paddle. 🤔

The upper paddles (both) are not recognized at all in the setup menu. 😔

I searched the Internet to find solutions for both topics of course and they are different posts saying that it’s working or that it’s not working. So I'm as smart as before.

 Is there a solution? Can you help me out? Does it work? And how? Or did I buy the APM under the wrong assumptions and spent money for nothing? That would be the worst case.

I am thankful for every help. And hoping that I can get it working. 😉


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    Not possible with F1 22 and all previous F1 games to bind a real clutch on the "current" F1 cars. They only allow a button for the clutch during starts. On track the F1 cars have no clutch at all. Although I bind the paddles of the APM for starts, but like said only work as a button.

    If your upper paddles are not working check firmware of all your Fanatec stuff, base, steering wheel etc. I think with recent firmware they also need to work on PS5.

  • Thank you.

    That means the clutch is an EA/Codemasters Issue.

    I tried to update but have difficulties with installing the latest Driver/Firmware zip file because I got an error message while installing that I should contact the Fanatec support and waiting now for their answer and solution. But hopefully it will work and after that the upper paddles will work too. Keeping fingers crossed.

    Thanks for your answer.

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