How to add Forza Horizon 5 (from Gamepass) to Fanalab

Hi folks,

i am wondering how to add such a gamepass game to fanalab since these games don´t offer any *.exe file to add to a game profile. I want fanalab to load the according profile once the game is starting.

Any suggestions?

Warm regards...


  • It's not possible to add Games from the Microsoft Store to FanaLab because Microsoft is blocking access to those exe files

  • To be clear, you can still add the games from Game Pass if you simply want a way to keep all of your profiles properly organized by game. You just can't launch them from within Fanalab.

    For example I have Wreckfest on Game Pass, and have added it to Fanalab with its own picture, but when Fanalab asks for the exe, I simply point it to some other game or application. I just have to make sure that I then manually load the profile I want before playing. But I always do this anyway, so for me it's not a problem.

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