Cube Controls F-Pro/DD1 Compatibility...

Hey all. So, the new Cube Controls F-Pro wheel looks amazing. It's also wireless and connects directly to a PC via bluetooth or you can still use the included USB cable. My question is:

Since the wheel doesn't need any info/power from my wheelbase(DD1), and it has a pre-installed hub which should have the proper bolt pattern, do I still need a Podium Hub, or can I just attach a QR1, or a QR2 when it finally becomes available?



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    You need the Podium Hub, the wheel base won't give you any force feedback without. And the bolt pattern on the QR1 isn't standard 70 mm anyway.

    There are some 3rd party emulators, but combined with a QR they aren't notably cheaper than the Podium Hub.

  • Does it work on ps5??

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