Can’t get my DD Pro to work with Automobilista 2

I have a Fanatec CSL DD Pro with the load cell brake kit. I play a lot of iRacing and everything works great. My wheel’s firmware is all up to date.

I downloaded the Automobilista 2 demo on steam to give it a try. I’m having issues getting my wheel to work. It doesn’t seem to be recognized by the game no matter what I’ve tried. Restarting the game. Restarting the wheel. Making sure the wheel is in PC mode. Restarting my computer. Made sure the wheel still works, played iracing, works great, went back to Automobilista 2 and the wheel isn’t being recognized yet.

I’ve ran out of ideas. Maybe it’s something silly and simple I’m forgetting. Can someone help me out?


  • After selecting the CSL DD wheel in the options -> control menu you need to bind the steering axis. Go to the edit assignments tab. Bind left turn access by turning the wheel sharply to the left then turning slightly right. Bind the right steering axis by turning sharply to the right and then slight back to the left. Then go back to motion controls tab and calibrate the wheel.

  • When I tried this on my CSL DD everytime it says multiple motions were detected it doesnt calibrate. What should I try?

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