ACC Multiplayer issue (PC)

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CSL Elite V1.1 (ps4) with Formula V1 rim and Original elite pedals with LC.

Randomly I cannot get the car into gear only in MULTIPLAYER lobbies. Basically in control settings, every button click, paddle, and pedal register smooth, and instantaneous, when I join a single player session, everything behaves normal. If i join a multiplayer lobby, my brake shows 100% pinned, and i am unable to get the car to respond.

If i ESC out in multiplayer and goto settings, i can re-bind everything, all buttons, paddles, and pedals work and register smooth, but when i hit drive, the brake continues to show 100%, and other functions like lights, wipers etc work correctly, but i am unable to get out of neutral or use the accelerator.

Binding to keyboard does not work either. I have already tried deleting controls.json in documents folder, and later even renamed the entire acc folder in mydocuments to force a fresh one after reinstalling ACC... reinstalled all fanatec drivers multiple times, my usb drivers, ACC, and downgraded the pedal drivers, to no avail.

Here is a quick video

(at the end around 1.43, you can even see the animated hand clicking the paddle shifter when i am commanding a shift, but the car remains in neutral)

All other games work fine, as does single player mode in ACC. I was racing last night just fine, shut down the base as usual after cool down, and the computer was not even restarted. Problem appeared out of nowhere when i tried to join a race today.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am completely stumped what else i can do after reinstalling everything.


  • Yeah just started happening on my wife's game too. Except she's using a Moza wheelbase. Exactly the same behavior

  • Fazlee MajeedFazlee Majeed Member
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    incidentally, she was also trying on SRA servers 😂

    Also happens on other servers and the session timer never starts so the car is locked. Looks like a game bug

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