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Last night I was racing, mid race my force feedback went limp. The power button stayed a faded red, but the wheel base was basically dead. I signed out of iracing and went to the fanatec control panel. When I attempted to turn my wheel base back on I get a Fanatec firmware updater that gives me the option to flash my firmware. I've done this, I've also deleted and updated the new driver multiple times with no luck. Per usual Fanatec customer support won't answer emails or phone calls. Absolutely insane the amount of money I've spent with their business but hey I can get a response email in 7 days. Any help?


  • DD2?

    I have had problems with mine since I first got it in July, now I own two because one always seems to be sent to RMA and I need one for trouble shooting. First it was "update mode: wireless quick release" after I used it for a day, made a support ticket and they got back to me the next day I had a shipping label, so I had to go back to my logitech crap. Three weeks later I get the new one and it works good for 4.5 weeks until I notice there is a new driver 445 (I was using 339 or 338 or something like that) my first instinct was no way I'm updating but I came on the forum and asked "why would I update" and they told me if I want to use a new hub everything should be updated plus there would be "massive improvements" in FFB. After a few days I notice somebody else had the same problem as me and the same misgivings but they told him this WQR thing was a "sleeping hardware issue" and in his opinion the risk is minimal and we should update, so I did and the second I hit the flash button sure enough I'm one of the lucky ones, Update mode: WQR. Talk about pissed I wanted to cry, now I have to take everything off my rig again and use the old but reliable G920 again. After it was sent to RMA again I decided to buy another DD2, the new comes and gets stuck on the shifter calibration menu on the wheelbase (I found out later my shifter was bad) I made a ticket and the next day support sent me instructions for making sure everything from fanatec was deleted from my laptop (I game on an Xbox1) and reinstalling the software. After doing this over and over for about 6 hours (going back and forth from the old driver to the new one) I finally made the new driver get past the shifter calibration and it worked for that night (it was friday night and I played for about 5 or 6 hours) with no signs of any problem between the base and the hub (the shifter was acting up but at this point I thought it was probably game related cuz I play with damage turned on and I'm aggressive on the shifting), but the next day when I went to play the base turns on and rotates to 4 oclock and back to center the LED on the hub flashes and then nothing, by this point I new that the display on the hub should flash "300" and "_ _ _" but nothing hub just freezes and is not recognized by the control panel, no buttons work. So after all of the trouble shooting which is basicly take the hub on and off loosen the screws around the pins on the hub, try to get the torque just right between the big nut and the rubber bushing; after a few hours of dinking around with it I can make it work. This goes on all weekend, on Monday support tells me unclamp the quick release shaft and unravel the wires and check the two connectors which I did and it worked again but after powering off I get same thing evertime, it works for a period of time with no sign of a problem and then when I come back later it later or try it right after I'm done it's the same thing. On Tuesday I get my other brand new DD2 back and I leave everything the same only the wheel base is new and it's working great, everytime I turn it on and off now the hub always stays on. I had some problem calibrating the shifter again, by this time I know the shifter is bad, but the wheelbase and hub are always working now. So finally after some back and forth with support (they are advertising 100% guerantee but I don't want my money back I just want it to work) they agree to take the one not working back, after they get it they tell me they put it through it's paces and the FFB is working fine. I tell them I know it's working fine for a time, it did for me too, but everytime I turn it off and on again the hub freezes up. The last time I was going to use it before I got the new one I could not even make it work. So they said OK we will take another look at it, maybe we can change some of the parts as a precaution. That was a week ago, in that time I got the new shifter and now that is working again but I have one wheelbase under repair and one shifter on the way to the repair shop (it took me a week to get a shipping label, they told me the fullfilment team was backed up). What you described is my biggest fear, I go to turn this thing on again and it doesn't work and support does not respond (so far it's been fair) hoprfuly i get my other one back and it's working before that happens. In their defense, when this thing is working I absolutely love it. It just hurts that much more when it breaks down.

  • I have the same problem and get no response from Fanatec.James Copper

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