M4 GT3 QR2 Ever Happening?

I think us M4 GT3 Wheel owners have been very patient with M3 GT3 Wheel product release. I, for one, was really looking forward to the QR2 system with the new wheel. I can understand delays these days, but there has been no communication at all to us that ordered the wheel and expecting QR2.

I don't think its unreasonable to ask Fanatec to at least give an update on QR2 to those of us that effectively pre-ordered it with our wheel.

Other than that the wheel is great and I love it.


  • Remember, you didn't just pr-order it - you actually paid for it! The situation is completely unacceptable. Fanatec should be partially refunding all those who have paid for the QR2 and giving them priority option to re-purchase the QR2 if and when it becomes available.

    If you are inclined to do so, it may be worth formally writing to Fanatec claiming breach of contract and threatening them with legal action. They have failed to supply goods that you have paid for.

  • This is not true.

    You did not really "paid" for it. The QR2 Wheel-Side Adapter is included basically for free as a gift. Therefore Fanatec cant partially refund anything and then give an option to re-purchase the QR2.

    Also Fanatec did not breach any contract - they explicitly write "QR2 Wheel-Side included in price (shipped separately as soon as it is available). The QR2 Wheel-Side is being prepared for mass production. First Edition buyers will receive the QR2 Wheel-Side in a separate package as soon as it becomes available."

    So their advertisement is accurate and legal actions are useless because there is no breach against any contract applicable as everyone knew before buying the product that they wont get the QR2 immediately but with a waiting time.

    I agree that the total silence is not good though, but legally there is nothing wrong.

  • Paul HartlPaul Hartl Member
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    Communication has been an ongoing issue with fanatec for a long time now. It only takes a few minutes for an official rep to pop up here and give a brief update on where things stand for leaked but not released products, for example the Bentley GT3 rim.

    I love my fanatec gear but can understand why some people get very frustrated and go elsewhere.

    There are plenty of alternative brands popping up all over the place now and if fanatec don't play their cards right stand to lose lots of sales over the years to come.

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    Absolute nonsense. The QR2 is not a free gift that Fanatec have the option of giving or not giving. It's is part of the product and is included in the purchase price as you yourself quote later in your post. Please stop spreading mis-information.

    Fanatec claiming that that the QR2 will be supplied "later" does not excuse them from their obligation to deliver. A court would need to ascertain what would be a reasonable timeframe for that delivery to happen in and if both parties understood that timeframe. This is not the case - Fanatec have made no commitment to deliver and have provided no updates. Who do you think the court would be minded to decide in favour in? Does a compabny holding consumers cash indefinitely seem fair to you?

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    I never said they have the option of giving or not giving.

    Of course they have to give it. But buyers did it payed anything "Extra" for the QR2. It's just included once available. And they advertise it exactly like this, therefore threatening them with legal actions is not working because legally they did not breach any contract.

    Please read my message correct without interpreting mis-information.

  • I read your message fine. It makes no sense. You claim that customers did not pay for the QR2 and it is effectively a gift from Fanatec. I say this is nonsense. It is included in the price. Customers did pay for it. Fanatec are obliged to deliver, or explain delays or refund. It is NOT a gift!

  • I observed the Fanatec advertisement in its time. The steering wheel is removed from the wheelbase and inserted into the real car. Fortunately I am too poor for that, otherwise I would have wanted one. It is the feature that makes the object exclusive and refined, rather than a simple toy. However, as I understand it, at the moment this is not possible with QR1, but will it be possible with QR2?

    If so, I believe Fanatec should come out QR2, or refund customers. Because of the marketing he used to sell it.

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    Even on the product page it mentions the QR2 is included in the price. So indeed no gifts to be found here when you bought the BMW M4 GT3 wheel. As a customer you already paid for the QR2 but received nothing yet.


    The Podium Steering Wheel M4 GT3 First Edition is preinstalled with a gold anodised aluminium ‘QR1 Wheel-Side’ quick release. The ‘QR2 Wheel-Side’ is also included in the price, and will be shipped separately as soon as it is available."

    It's getting a bit of a joke that after 2 years after the announcement and it's still not here and since the announcement no word at all about this new QR2. Except people who bought the BWM M4 GT3 wheel will get it maybe.

  • I would have thought that if it was a "gift" then on the marketing side it would say that it is included free of charge. Was that ever mentioned? If not then to me it seems pretty obvious that it was a paid part of the entire product. Unless those those bought it maybe had it listed on an invoice or the checkout as being 0.00

  • Fanatec have been perfectly clear and consistent in their blog posts, marketing and on the product page that the QR2 is included in the price. This has been stated for almost TWO YEARS now. Those that somehow are still kidding themselves that the QR 2 is free probably also thinks when you buy a pair of shoes you only pay for the right show and the left shoe is included as a free gift! :-)

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