Questions about podium steering wheel Porsche


I bought the Porsche steering wheel.

I am on PS5 and GT7,

I have several questions:

1. The steering wheel only offers the Legacy mode, I only see the speed and gear change. When I go into Fanalab, I change these settings but they still don't apply.

2. Should I put blue or purple on the base?

3. Can we put GT7 in Fanalab?

4. I have updated with 447 drivers, should I put older versions? If so, how do I do it?

Thank you very much for your help.



    1. FanaLab is PC exclusive. On console only Legacy Display is working because for ITM you need live Telemetry which is not possible on console.
    2. Blue.
    3. No, see 1.
    4. No, Stick with 447.
  • Thanks Maurice.

    Have a good day

  • I got the Porsche 911 GT3 CUP with the Universal Hub v2 for Xbox and the Podium button module endurance. When connected first time the display on the module showed with low light but could see and setup the tunning menu there and on GT7 on PS5 could see the speed with diferences between numbers, allways changing the bright of each number. The LEDs worked allways fine. Then connected to PC to see if there was an update for this wheel to make the display work fine. I saw my driver was outdated,429; did the driver update to 447 and all firmware update...the display never showed something again...LEDs still work fine on PS5...sometimes with Fanalab i can change the racing menu and see something changing on the display, but even the tunning menu as the speed now just shows on the Universal Hub. Already tried to find a new Driver to install, but can't find one, when i start the fanatec control panel with this wheel, tells me that discontinued wheels as the Porsche need the old driver 442 but don't now how to find it...

    Is it really a problem on driver and firmware or is the Module broken? Can someone give me an answer?or/and someway to make the display on the module work fine?


  • Your Module is broken and you need to contact the support.

  • Is it possible this wheel is not yet compatible with the base GT DD Pro?

  • ok.thanks. so it is really broken. just an answer from support is taking a long time to come...tried already to make a new one but the system recognises that i've done itbefore...

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