Fanatec McLaren gt3 v2 wheel is acting weird

Hey guys,

I have a problem with my McLaren gt3 v2 steering wheel. I ordered it from the official fanatec website. When I got it it didn't work so I got a new one with a lot of effort. The second steering wheel did well at the beginning but after 2 weeks it started acting weird again. The problem is that when I'm racing he activates buttons out of the blue so for example that suddenly another camera point is activated or that the share button is activated. The latest firmware has already been downloaded. By the way I have a csl elite wheelbase. Is there anyone who knows how I can solve this?


  • Hello Sven,

    I have an issue that could be the same, my issue is not with buttons but with the direction that suddenly is at full turn... I saw in this forum that could be a Magnetic Interference Issue (I´m not sure about it) but here is a link where some provided potential solutions (

    I contacted Fanatec support regarding my issue and they provide me with the below instruction to reset everything, maybe you want to try.

    "Please make sure the wheel base is connected directly to your PC without using any USB extensions or hubs.

    Furthermore, make sure the pedals are connected to the wheel base only. Do not use the USB and RJ12 connections of the pedals at the same time, to avoid damage to the products and strange issues.

    Also, please follow the instruction step by step (very important).

    -Remove the steering wheel and disconnect everything from the wheel base, except the power and usb cable.

    -Reset the wheel base to the default settings according to the instructions.

    -Turn off the wheel base and connect it to another USB port (do not turn on the wheel base yet).

    -Remove all the hidden Fanatec devices in the device manager according to the attached manual.

    -Disable ALL anti-virus software.

    -Look for Windows Update. If available, please install it.

    -Download driver V447 If you have already downloaded it, please download it again.

    -Install driver package V447 and restart your system.

    -Disable ALL anti-virus software once again.

    -Open the Fanatec Control Panel, make sure to enable the "manual firmware update" in the top right corner and perform all the updates in this order: Motor -> wheel base.

    -Do not attach the steering wheel yet, even if the software asks you to do so.

    -Only hen the wheel base and the motor are updated manually, you can attach the steering wheel and update it."

    I´m not good with Tech so I asked a friend of mind to try these instructions this afternoon, will see if it´s work and will let you know.

  • Hello Fred,

    Thank you very much for your response! I'm out today but tomorrow I'll see if it works. I will also let you know if it worked.

  • boa tarde...estou com o mesmo problema...mas no meu caso, com o volante MacLaren automaticamente passa do modo pc para o modo xbox.....além de mudar os botoes sozinhos....isto acontece só no Assetto Corsa Competizion...Se eu mudar para o Dirt Rally 2 ou Eurotruck está tudo impecavel durante horas.... tenho a base roda CSW V 2,5 e pedais V3 tudo Fanatec.....Quase de certeza que é um problema de Drivres.......

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