Looking To Buy CSL DD with or without 8nm will pay premium if brand new SoCal United States

Jakob AllenJakob Allen Member
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I'm looking to buy a CSL DD, used or new, if new will pay over MSRP for it.


  • Bro, there is a lot of groups on Facebook that are selling stuff and they are not selling them at retail either. just search Fanatec in the search section on Facebook. I got an 8Nm base with a McLaren GT3 wheel, 2 quick releases, desk clamp and a stand for it. I paid $950 for all of it and it was only 1 month old. I even had everything transferred un my name in case I needed to make a warranty claim in the future. You just have to check every day as people post stuff in the groups and marketplace all the time. People even sell Full setups with cockpits for $1500. You will find something. I'm sick of seeing people trying to sell their stuff for what they paid for it. Used stuff should be sold at a used price. anyway, good luck.

  • right on thank you

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