CSL DD modes (compatibility mode vs PC)


As per my understanding, compatibility mode is so older games could properly recognize wheel base?

When I set my CSL DD to PC mode (red light on power button) every time i restart my PC I have to reinstall drivers. I noticed this behavior started when switched from PC to comp V2.5 mode to play AC because rev lights are not working if not in comp V2.5 mode.

I'm not sure why is that and should I run in comp V2.5 mode only?


  • I've pretty much given up on PC mode. None of the sims I play seem to play nice with it.

    In AMS2 neither my wheel nor pedals are recognized. Even if I try to rebind it, the game sees nothing.

    Raceroom seems to need to be re-binded whenever I try to use PC mode.

    AC doesn't see the rev-stripe on my WRC rim.

    ACC can't find the steering wheel.

    RF2 doesn't bind anything either.

    Forza7 doesn't know that the CSL DD exists.

    So, I leave the wheelbase in compatibility mode. Everything seems to work just fine there.

  • This is very strange. I only use PC mode on all games, both old and new.

    As soon as I got CSL DD, October 2021, I had to use compatibility mode for some games, because it didn't always recognize the right degree of rotation. But as soon as these games got an update, I ditched compatibility mode.

  • I've been using PC mode just fine in all my PC games: Grid, Dirt 4, Dirt 5, ACC, Dirt Rally 2.0. Then I bought Forza Horizon 5 last week. Now I have to use Compatability Mode just for it.

  • DavrosDavros Member
    edited November 2022

    Had to laugh when I saw the words Fanatec and Compatibility in the same sentence

    I upgraded from a logitec to a CSL DD pro and now 90% of my driving games no longer work games think the gas and brake pedals are always at 50 % even when i unplug the pedals other companies managed to solve this problem seems to be beyond Fanatec

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