Porsche 918 Wheel No support????


So I am extremely annoyed. I purchased the Porsche 918 a couple years ago and now I cannot use it properly with the new drivers? This won't be supported at all going forward? WTH? This is a 400 dollar wheel. It says I must install the 443 drivers. Why can't I use the new ones with the firmware rewrite. This is total BS.


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    What are you talking? The Porsche 918 Wheel is still fully supported and fully working with all older and the most recent driver 447 and there are no plans to end support for it going forward.

  • Fanalab 1.66 says wheel is not supported. When I open the fanatec control panel it tells me the the wheel is discontinued and that I must install driver 443. I’ll hop on to the computer in a sec and post screenshots.

  • Okay, I don’t know what’s up because now it doesn’t show this message. I was getting it and the wheel still seemed to function on the base. Booting it up a few hours later and fanalab isn’t telling me it is not supported nor is the fanatec control panel. It literally said this wheel was discontinued and that I must install 443 to use it.

    i changed nothing after connecting it earlier or using it now. There’s clearly code in the software to show this message so that is bizarre.

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