DD Pro: Pedal De-calibration mid race. Very frustrating.

I have had this problem recently with both brake and throttle pedals. The input calibration seems to change mid race and can lead to me not being able to use 100% throttle or brake in game.

pic 1: throttle at 100% in game going into corner

pic 2: input still at 100% but in game it is no longer (I did not lift off)

Tips and help appreciated. Wheel running latest software. Game on latest update. Wheel not in compatibility mode, and recognised correctly by game. Wheel: GT, Pedals: Standard set (no load cell) Base: DD Pro


  • Clean Hall's magnetic cell. It's just a rectangular magnet under the pedal that moves towards and away from a circuit. There may be some dirt, clean it with a brush to sweep the dirt off.

  • What pedals are you using?

    I have had somewhat the same issue, with the V3 pedals, all i did to fix this, was recalibrating the pedals with the fanatec software, where i set the minimum value when im off the pedal and max value when im going full throttle.

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