Positive experience with customer support

Just wanted to post quickly as I have been hearing quite negative feedback about Fanatec support, and I’ve been very pleased with them this time around.

After experiencing issues with my brand new wheel (club sport RS, one rev light was not working), the response from support was very quick (next day), kind and efficient (send back to the Japan office, got a new one 3 days later). So very pleased (the gentleman I talked with, Alexander, was great!).

I thought some positive feedback once in a while can be nice :)


  • I received 2 services, and I would categorize them as positive. Both issues I received responses within 3 business days.

    Customer support who assisted me in positive way: Chris, Fareed, Sanel

    1) GT DD Pro wheel slipping issue on high-torque(common issue most people are expressing with QR-Lite with DD Pro). Fanatec did respond back and offered replacement of QR-Lite which arrived rather quick (<5 days). Replacement QR-Lite did NOT resolve the issue, but I will give credit for their response and action to attempt to resolve the issue. I believe the issue itself is design and tolerance, Fanatec should provide discount(which I did not receive) for QR1 IMO. For now, I'm using tape method to minimize the issue.

    2) Clubsport V3 Pedals, they sent me a new replacement. Issue was due to loadcell brake shaft grinding due to what I believe is misalignment, mechanical issue. Replacement pedal arrived within 5 days (in US). I thought they did well by taking action quickly.

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