Constant vibrations with clubsport steering wheel Formula V2


Since I updated my drivers on my devices I have those constant vibrations even if I'm not in a game. As you may see in the video when I start the base the steering wheel is already vibrating, with sound on you can ear it clearly.

I've tried to go back to olders drivers but it didn't solve the issue. I just had to save the profiles because I would have lost them then. Now I went for the latest version but anyway...

Has someone already had that? It kinda suck because my steering wheel isn't anymore under warranty. I regret so much the fact that I updated my device.


  • Something similar happens to me and several problems with clutch paddles and analog joystick, only in Iracing and running a DD2.

    My problem is ocassionally and its keeps vibrating sometimes. I use th vibration only in RPM limiter and does not work properly again until I go to max REV againg and "Reset" the vibration.

    The Paddle clutch have a interference with my clutch I have to unassignate..

    All my problems come whem I upgrade to the last soft and drivers, at that moment I havent any problem with my system

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    Same problem here with a Podium DD1, I feel internal micro vibrations without playing, when playing these vibrations are more intensified.

    Any solution?

  • This you find a solution to this or is it a RMA-case? I got my Podium DD1 connected yesterday and I also feel vibrations in the wheel.

  • We are all in the same boat apparently. After an update constant vibration. I tried to get in touch with fantec support but my wheel isn't under warranty anymore so they want me to send them the wheel and then what ?

    Have you guys been in touch with fanatec ?

  • Yes I had the same issue. I solved it by resetting all Fanalab variables back to Fanatec default settings. I think there was a conflict in between the different vibration setting options in Fanalab. I had them all switched on originally when I had the problem, now the vibration is gone on resetting back to default.

  • Yes they created an RMA for me. So I had to send the wheel and base back.

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