Podium Racing Wheel F1 shows wrong name


I just got a Podium Racing Wheel F1 with the purchase of the Podium DD1 bundle.

In Fanalab and in the Fanatec control panel, it shows up as a Clubsprot Steering Wheel Formula V2, is that correct ?


  • Just worried if it has the wrong firmware, as i did have some nasty issues with that on the base itself.

    I already have a Clubsport Formula V2.5 and this Podium one is clearly superior to that, so i find it a bit strange that it shows up as a Clubsport wheel.

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    Yes that is correct because it actually is just a ClubSport Formula v2. Its NOT a Podium F1 wheel, Fanatec did not released a Podium F1 wheel yet.

    It's just another variant of the ClubSport Formula v2 so it uses the exact same electronics as the Formula v2, there is no way for the software to automatically differentiate all the different models which were released of the Formula v2.

    In FanaLab however you can simply click the grey arrow icon to open an alternative image selection to choose the "correct" image of the wheel you really have. Does not change anything regarding functionality, its just for a "correct" visual.

    Interesting that you think the blue Formula v2 wheel is actually "clearly superior" to the Formula v2.5 ... even though its basically the exact same wheel, just with the Podium Advanced Paddle Module already pre-installed but that can be mounted to the Formula v2.5 as well... ?!

    If at all then the Formula v2.5 would be the superior wheel because it uses a more rigid closed bottom vs the open bottom of the blue Formula v2 wheel...

  • brilliant, thanks a lot Maurice.

    Yeah, the reason i find it superrior is because of the paddles, and stuff. Didnt realise it was just because of another module attached.

    Do you know if my 2.5 is actually better than the V2, maybe i should move the module over to the V2.5 then, if possible ?

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    Personally, alone because of the colors I much prefer the Formula v2.5 as I dont really liike the color scheme of the Blue Formula v2 variant, looks to much like a typical gamer device to me. Also I dont like its blue OLED screen. And finally I absolutely do not like any kind of Alcantara, but the blue Formula v2 unfortunately uses Alcantara...

    The Formula v2.5 with its black/white color scheme and white OLED looks much better for me personally and it has perforated leather grips which II simply love!

    Also the 2.5 has a closed bottom which is more rigid than the open bottom of the blue Formula.

    So I would always sell the blue wheel and go with the 2.5, yes. Technically they are the same though, so all depends purely on looks.

  • you are right, also i prefer the leather grips.

    Will look into how compiicated it is to swap around :)

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