Next CSW DD with More Torque

Over the last year, there have been a few forum posts on the need for a Fanatec DD wheelbase with torque somewhere between 10 -15nm. We've been told it's in the works but unfortunately nothing's been announced, I'd have to imagine it's likely due to chip & parts shortages.

Not to add to any ecosystem lock-in frustration but during this time, the competition has been busy. Thrustmaster just announced their $650 T818, 10NM wheelbase just in time for the holiday season:

Hopefully the more robust CSW DD is coming for the holidays.

Come on Fanatec - make it happen! Some loyal customers want upgrades!


  • I heard something from some other sources, but I can not guarantee that it is true.cswdd this thing will have, but when to market do not know.

  • Personally i believe Fanatec will have an answer in the 10nm-15nm categorie really soon.

    Maybe in Black Friday maybe near Holidays. Over a year in development and testing already. It is coming for sure.

    1st guessing scenario : Clubsport DD 13nm at 800$

    2nd guessing scenario: Clubsport DD 12nmn at 750$ and Clubsport DD (with boost kit) 15nm at 900$

    3d guessing scenario: Clubsport DD 15nm at 900$

    But if i was the Fanatec Ceo i would make some changes also.

    I think it could be possible to change the Podium line a bit in order to have a more clear Product line with a lower product cost as a bonus. A revised Podium wheelbase at 25nm with an up to date usb-c shaft , no DD1/DD2 anymore just one Podium wheelbase in a lower price.

    The concept will be 1 and unique wheelbase for every product line.

    CSL line : CSL DD 5nm/8nm 350$/500$ ______________ DDpro 8nm 600$ (Ps compatible)

    Clubsport line : Clubsport DD 18nm 900$ ___________ Clubsport DD 18nm 1000$ (Ps compatible)

    Podium line : Podium DD 25nm 1350$ ______________ Podium DD 25nm 1450$ (Ps compatible)

    Let's wait and see ..........

  • William OtisWilliam Otis Member
    edited November 2022

    For those who never checked what the issue was, the CSL-DD tops out at 8NM of torque, and the next lowest direct drive wheelbase that Fanatec makes is the Podium and it is rated at 20NM. While the respective numbers for each of the wheelbases are fine in their own right, Fanatec currently has a 12NM gap in its range of products. Yes, it screams opportunity, and I am sure Fanatec is well aware of this. I remember reading that there was a Club Sport DD in the works, so they are intending to place something there. When and what are the biggest questions. I say, we should stay calm and let it play out.

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