Credit card charged but nothing shipped

I ordered a Club Sport RS wheel, shifter, handbrake & button caps on Nov 28 as part of the Black Friday sale (wheel was 10% off, everything else was regular price) - all items were shown as in stock.

My Visa card was charged the full amount (over $800) immediately, but over a week later none of the items have shipped (no tracking number or any FedEx information), even though they all show as “completely shipped” on Fanatec order status page.

All of these items still show as “in stock” on the Fanatec website. I’ve tried multiple times over the past week to reach out (phone, email & messenger), but have had no response from anyone at Fanatec.

If there’s an employee who can help, please let me know ASAP when my order is going to ship. You’ve taken my money and run, which here in the US is considered crime - I’d prefer not to take legal action.

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