Multi Function Switches

Can anyone remember the tuning menu setting on the Podium F1 wheel (DD1) for the bottom Multi Function Switches please in F1 2019?

Ie Pulse, constant or other?

thanks in advance 👊🏽💥


  • This is from user manual - just need to know which to select please:

    MPS: Auto; Encoder; Constant; Pulse MPS default: AUTO

    In AUTO mode the steering wheel decides which mode is appropriate for the game being played.

    In Encoder mode the MPS simulates two buttons, one when you turn the MPS left and one when you turn the MPS right.

    In Constant mode, the MPS outputs a constant button signal for each position. In PULSE Mode, the MPS outputs a specific button signal for each position which is only sent as a single pulse when you move the switch.

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