Losing gear shift on ACC

Has anyone ever had the issue where you lose gear shift on ACC? I have a DDR2 and use the McLaren wheel or the GT3 Alcantara with the universal hub on a Win10 x64 PC and randomly, I will just lose all ability to change gear. All the other functions work including FFB. The only way to resolve the issue is to remove the wheel, put it back on, activate high torque and all is good again.......until it happens again. This happens multiple times during a session with both wheels. It's literally been happening since I started using the Fanatec ecosystem/ACC. I don't have any other h/w installed other than a monitor and Bose sound bar. I do have the emergency stop button as part of the system. I have tried opening a support ticket but I dont even get a confirmation email and haven't heard from them in weeks.


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