CSL Elite Pedals V2


I recently bought CSL Elite Pedals V2 pedals and despite the softest 65 elastomers and blue spring, the brake pedal is far too hard for me. Is there any way to change that? Can I buy some elastomer or spring?

Thanks for all your help.


  • I also found the Fanatec 65 shore elastomers too hard overall, and most of my braking was being absorbed by the preload spring and little elastomer within it (I was getting worried how long the little elastomer would last as it was being heavily squashed all the time).

    You could try what I did and use the larger Heusinkveld Sprint elastomer kit if you're prepared to spend a little bit to experiment. You'll also need a few larger spacers and washers.

    The material in the Heusinkveld elastomers is great, it's more progressive and springier than the Fanatec material and to me feels a lot more fun to brake with in games. It is noticably easier to squeeze just holding it in your hands. I found a stack of two Heusinklveld elastomers were initially soft and springy enough in their initial 5-10mm of compression to not require the preload spring at all.

    Diagram of some elastomer combinations:

    Best to remember though that using two of the 'soft' marked Heusinkveld elastomers still create a relatively hard brake pedal, but to me it did feel easier to press overall than the default 65 shore V2 setup.

    Link to my original mod post with extra details:


  • Wow, that's huge mate.

    Thank you for sharing I will definitely check out your "kit"

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