latest Fanatec experience.

I was running practice laps last week in the MX5, when I heard a snap, and my shifter would no longer return to center in sequential mode. I opened my shifter up and extracted 2 pieces of a torsion spring. I got this shifter as a gift back in 2017, so I knew there was no chance of having a warranty, but I reached out to Fanatec anyways. After confirming which part was broken, Kevin opened up a quote for me to purchase this single spring for 5 bucks. I put in my order and 2 days later I got a brand new spring and was able to rebuild my 5 year old shifter good as new. My turnaround time from failure to repair was less than a week.

This isn't the first time I've had to reach out to Fanatec support (It's generally been a combination of user error and flood damage) but I've been consistently impressed with their communication, shipping time, and willingness to support customer side repairs.


  • I have been consistently impressed with their communication and shipping time .

  • Fanatec did well when I ordered replacement potentiometers for my CSL Elite LC pedals V1. I had the potentiometers less than a week later, too. I was complaining to a friend about spare parts not being listed on Fanatec's website, but a simple email got the ball rolling the following business day.

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