SHO Wheel Vibration Motor


I have wheel Formula V2 and the vibration on my wheel is not enought.

I just wanna feel when the wheels lock and the wheels spin

How can I further increase more the vibration ?

On the tab "Vibration" of Fanalab V1.66 I was put vibration strengh 10 on Lock vibration and spin vibration but I don't feel much.

I am currently playing F1 22 and it seems to me that before F1 2020 the steering wheel vibrated a lot more?

Is it possible that before the [SHO] setting we could increase and decrease the power? because currently I can just put ON or OFF



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    In old Firmwares you were able to change the SHO setting itself from 10-100. This was changed over 1 year ago and now you can only choose between OFF or ON where ON is what previously was 100. So the strength was not reduced. What you feel with SHO ON and FanaLab strength setting 10 is the maximum the motor can output technically and it can not be increased.

    BTW: Your FanaLab is outdated. Newest version is 1.69.1 with massive improvements.

  • Okay.

    But, I'm at 10 and it hardly vibrates. Before more than a year ago it vibrated much more.

    And I don't understand why you say that I'm not on the right version because when I click on "Check for updates" it tells me that I'm on the latest version.

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