F1 Wheel Buttons Not Work Unless Detached and Re-attached


I have purchased a F1 Podium Wheel PS4, with V3 Pedals. The wheel works perfectly, however, when I turn on the wheel base the F1 Wheel does not respond to anything, meaning non of the buttons do anything. I can not press OK button or go into the Wheel Base settings using the small button next to the Wheel Screen.

If then I detach and re-attach the wheel, buttons become responsive. I can not find any solution to this.

Does anybody know what do to?

EDIT: Changing driver vesion(s) did not work.


  • Heard this is common problems using in ps4 or ps5. Haven’t seen a fix other than power off and back on to get it to work again.

  • Any news here? Have same problem.

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