Quality control

Ordered a DD PRO GT Bundle, received as I am now aware the three tracking numbers in less than a business day, and my items were shipped promptly. The order was broken up as such; 1. Base,wheel,pedals,5nm power brick 2. Load cell brake 3. 8nm power brick

One box arrived today, the main box. Missing is the 5nm power brick, not sure why it’s not in the box. As well the wheel has a piece of plastic rattling around on the inside.

While I appreciate that I bought the cheapest Fanatec set that doesn’t excuse the poor quality control that went into packaging my order. It is still quite expensive when you compare to the other entry systems.

I’ve sent my email, I would hope they respond as quickly as when they placed my order and not the 72 hours their auto reply suggests


  • Pretty sure the DD PRO GT Bundle does not include two power supplies - only the 8 Nm.

  • You're right, it doesn't.

  • It was like that with the first orders I guess, I've ordered my DD Pro bundle in november 2021, arrived february 2022 and in the main box I found the 'original' 5 nm power brick, and a separate small box with the 8 nm one (Boost kit).

    I don't know when this has started but recent orders for a 8 nm version will only include the 8 nm power brick.

  • Hello, it’s interesting that you would say that. I will work in American dollars to keep things consistent for me.

    buy a DSL Base (699.95$) receive pedal, base, wheel, 5nm power brick

    buy a 8nm power brick (149.95$)

    buy load cell pedals (139.95$)


    buy in bundle get (-20$) and lose a 5nm power brick?

    If I had known I would not receive what must be considered an at minimum base on Fanatecs pricing a $100 5nm brick I would have ordered separately.

    It was all shipped separately anyways.

    Does anyone know if they actually open the box to remove the brick? It would explain the rattle of broken plastic from the wheel

  • So further to the rattle in the wheel. Please be aware I still haven’t received all of the items yet. I still have no power supply so i can’t test anything.

    from Fanatec “Great thank you very much for the Video, so I would recommend to send us the Steering Wheel in our Workshop and we check the Issue, if we can confirm the Issue we can exchange it with a new one, if you are still in the 14 days warranty.”

    so return the wheel, if I’m still in the 14 days. I haven’t even turned the thing on, what happens if I send the wheel back. The power cord comes in the base doesn’t work and because I can’t test it, I’ll fall out of the 14 day warranty..

    This is the only equipment I have, no way to test or use anything until I get everything.

    should I send the wheel back before getting the power cord?

  • Send the wheel back now - you know it is broken.

    You've no reason to suspect the base is broken so don't sweat it. If it transpires later that the base is broken too contact Fanatec to resolve the issue then. But no need to delay fixing the broken wheel.

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