No refund via bank transfer as yet


I placed an order and I cancelled as I had ordered the wrong wheel.

I ask if the wheel could be swapped over and I was told to cancel and then re-order.

The cancellation date was 02/02/23 and although the status of my order said cancelled on the 2nd I still have not received any funds back into my bank.

I have spoken to customer support who said they would look into it and they asked for my bank details again.

They said I would hear from them via email but as yet nothing.

It is now 15 days and I am disgruntled that no one seems to know what has happened to the refund.

My bank checked international payments and nothing was there pending.

Is 15 days a reasonable amount of time or should I have had the refund by now?

Any help/advice is appreciated.



  • No - that's completely unacceptable. Refund should have been processed immediately.

    This seems to be part of Fanatec's business model - hold on to potential customers cash for as long as possible. They take full payment for pre-orders when the fair way to process these would be to only take payment when orders are ready to ship - many companies work this way.

    Not refunding cancelled orders and needlessly delaying the process by asking for details that they already hold is even worse. You should contact them again to make a formal complaint.

  • Hi

    Thank you. I thought I was being a bit premature, complaining about how long I have waited.

    I have been patient.

    You are right. Companies should take money when the order has been processed and is ready to ship.

    It is quite a bit of money, well to me it is.

    I appreciate your input.


  • It has been 3 weeks now and no sign of my refund. Despite a promise to chase it up and get back to me...Nothing!

  • Inform your bank and instruct them to perform a chargeback. They will likely need copies of your correspondence with Fanatec.

  • I did not know I could do that. Thank you

  • edited February 26

    How did that go, if I may ask?

    I'm seeing more threads of people having issues with Fanatec. Is this the norm, or just a few people recently with issues? I ask because I got stuck in this situation (with a completely unrelated item and company) once and it was not the most fun thing in the world to handle.

    Mildly sort of related side question: What is the "Due to the current situation, delivery might be delayed" check? I can't find any news about it here, unless I just missed it sitting in front of me like an idiot. Is it a left-over from Covid that wasn't removed, or is it something I should prepare for waiting? I did see a statement about out of stock items and the reason for that. Same thing?

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