New CSL DD Order - Power Supply MISSING?!?!?

After every single time I've had to deal with Fanatec support or sales being an absolute nightmare I broke my promise of never spending a dime with them again as my CSW 2.5 base is having issues, as such it was much easier to just replace it with a CSL DD as I already own 4 wheels, SQ 1.5 shifter, handbrake and pedals. Ordered the base (and confirmed it says the 8nm version) with overnight shipping only for it to arrive today WITHOUT a power supply.

So my question is this - for other customers does the power supply come in it's own box? It certainly looks like there is nowhere in the CSL DD box for it to go so I have to assume they just, somehow, forgot it. Looking at my order it showed 3 packages (I also got a McLaren GT3 wheel and metal Quick Release) and I got 3 packages from FedEx, all matching the tracking numbers provided (from the master tracking number that's on my order).

So did they just screw me again and literally forget to send me the power supply? I'd say I'm shocked but given how absolutely awful my experiences have been with them I guess I should have just stuck to my promise and moved on to another company.


  • "does the power supply come in it's own box?"

    Yes. Boost Pack comes in a separate box and it's correct that no PSU is included in the base package.

  • Thanks for confirming what I strongly assumed, that these clowns just can't get anything right, at least when it comes to me. Every single time I've had to deal with their support or sales in some way, for the past 3 years, it's been a nightmare (and this is the 4th time). I even saw that back when the CSL DD first release I pre-ordered but then cancelled it with the note that due to how horrible their support was that I was never spending another dime with Fanatec. And that was July of 2021 (I've had so much crap with them I can't even remember what it was that time).

    So at this point I've sent in a ticket, that I'm sure they won't address today which means they won't actually ship the part until Friday or Monday at the soonest - meaning the overnight shipping I paid for was a complete waste. So I think it's just time for me to cut my losses and move on to Moza, which I actually already did (and have the R9 base and 2 of their wheels at home right now) - I just preferred my ClubSport RS wheel to the Moza round wheel and as I have 2 other Fanatec wheels I thought I'd give them one more shot as I do really like the build quality of Fanatec's gear. But if I'm going to have to deal with stuff like this every time I place an order or need help it's just not worth it.

    Sorry, just needed to vent that a bit as I haven't been this upset and frustrated in a very long time. Thanks again for confirming what I knew.

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    Sorry to hear that.. hope everything goes well and solved really soon.

    I know that it's frustrating when we pay for expensive equipment and then we have problems with it.. :/

  • So you bought a CSL DD and a Moza R9 despite already owning a DD1? Seems a strange progression - the CSL DD is a big step down from both of these. BTW - I remember you had a plan to make your DD1 wheel cross compatible with your track car. Would love to see some pics of your solution. ;-)

  • Yeah, they've done NOTHING. They replied asking for a picture of it - of the power supply I don't have - so I sent them a picture of everything I got and a picture of the floor where the Boost Kit should have been. That was very early this morning - and I asked that they immediately ship the Boost Kit overnight (as I paid for overnight shipping with my order) - and I've gotten ZERO reply. Given it's now the weekend I assume I won't hear back until next week and which time I'm just done with this company - and will be asking for a refund. I should have known better given the horrible experiences I've had every single time I've had to deal with support in some way - and I've been a customer since 2014.

    Not sure where you got I had a DD1 - I had the ClubSport 2.5 base, the older belt-driven one that was before the CSL DD - I've actually learned through all this how nice it actually is as while the Moza R9 is certainly better it's a very marginal better than I was expecting. Oh - now that I read more I see where you're getting that, I may have said I had the DD1 in a previous thread as I was actually posting that for a friend who has a DD1 and wanted to get a wheel he could share between his Lotus (I used to track a very heavily modified Exige but had to let it go a few years back) so I was asking for him. Rather than tell that whole story (which I now realize is rather short) I just said I had the DD1 to make it easier. That is one thing I do really like about the Moza, they don't lock you into all this proprietary crap and you can use any wheel you want with any NRG style quick release. In fact I have one on order (a OMP Quadro wheel and NRG quick release) to try with my Moza R9 as the main reason I decided to give Fanatec a 2nd (really like 5th) chance was that I greatly prefer the round ClubSport RS wheel to the round Moza wheel (can't remember the model but it's their top of the line $450 wheel). Given I love that OMP wheel (as I had it in my Exige) I'm gonna see what I think about it on the R9 - only down side is no paddles (I do have an SQ 1.5 that I actually love using anyway) and no buttons (I build/sell button boxes on the side so I can just put a few simple buttons on it for Push-To-Talk, etc).

    So unless Fanatec responds with profuse apologies and offers me something very generous (as in refunding all my shipping charges and ships the Boost Kit for free overnight) I think it's time for me to finally move on from them so I never, ever have to deal with this crap from them again. It's just such a shame they are such an awful company as they really do make great hardware.

  • Well shockingly Fanatec didn't reply to me on Friday and given that every single time I've had to deal with them it's been a nightmare I've told them I'm done - I want a full refund and to return everything I just bought. I just can't take this company anymore and for the moment will go back to my CSW v2.5 for a bit until I save up for a Simucube.

    If you happen to read this and you're not yet a customer of Fanatec and you're considering buying from them PLEASE RECONSIDER. SAVE YOURSELF THE PAIN I'VE BEEN THROUGH - and this is coming from a customer of almost 10 years. Yes, they make great hardware but when their sales and support people are some of the worst I've dealt with in 25 years of working in tech you really should pass. Just don't do it.

  • Yes this happened to me and they shipped the power supply next day. I'm in EU currently so it arrived quite fast.

    Good luck and try keep calm, it's disappointing but people make mistakes.

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