When are they back from holiday?


Ordered september first, last wednesday status completely shipped, friday mailed and today again, still no tracking number, and no delivery.

Great after sales experience!


  • Not surprised.

    I am one week out from receiving my order, total product failure within an hour of use, customer service/technical support have not responded.

    Really want to get behind this company, but they're making it really tough for the customer.

  • i ordered on the 1st of sept too and still not got a tracking number too but then says it’s completely shipped on the 6th really bad customer service emailed a few times now and still no answers

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    Today a tracking number seen, it's really bizar and not German (gründlich????) how the service is organized.

    Just discovered it will be delivered in the next hours, without any information regarding delivery (no warning email).


  • as for shipping is not always Fanatec's fault, but also the delivery company and there can always be problems, I've never been a fan of UPS

  • It's funny, it's the second time I was read something like it from Germans company's... Sorry but shipping it's part of the product and the customer experience.

    I bought on us, uk and Spain shops and the experience was perfect. And I don't talk about Amazon shipping or rma services...

    Fanatec maybe has a good product but the service to customer it's the bad of all online shops. Like buying on China shop..

    After one week, I don't know if their still my money or product come to my home...

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