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Anyone else from the UK who’s ordered in the last 3 weeks had their order yet? Or even been given a tracking number?

Starting to think there is a big problem with orders to the UK that fanatec are keeping quiet about so people don’t cancel their orders.

I ordered on the 1st September, invoiced on the 6th September, since then I’ve heard nothing back apart from the generic delay emails..



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    I'm in the same situation. I live in the Uk, I ordered on the 29th August and I haven't received my tracking number yet. I got in contact with customer support and they basically just told me to be patient...

  • As far as I know, everyone in the EU has exactly the same problem. 

    When you get an answer, it's just cheap excuses.

  • i ordered on the 28th august and nothing.... just tried to ring their hotline and they have turned off their phones

  • Apparently they’ve shut phone lines to answer the influx of emails

  • My options are limited, fanatec my only really option a DD wheel so will have to risk my luck unfortunately

  • yeah that is the thing, fanatec by default is still leader with they price in market. moza is close but not close en-oh at same level product

  • If moza made PS options, I would’ve 100% already cancelled and gone with them! Fanatec got me by the balls lol

  • well PS not really give a free license, so they product may hit the price that user may think if they really need that.

  • To everyone in the UK - you can buy from the UK if you prefer, it's not an official Fanatec distribution but we try and help people in the UK so they don't have to worry about shipping and UK customs.

    I have helped a few people in the UK that are fed up of waiting by sending them some of my stock free of charge while they wait. Just trying to help out.

    Please don't loose trust in fanatec products which are actually very good. I fully agree that communication is not great. It seems the delays are down to them moving the distribution warehouse in Germany and having some issues following this.

    If you ready through the forum you will see that orders are starting to ship, but very slowly. My latest order from the 31st August still has not shipped.

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    Word of warning to users about using this so called "". < That name and site is just a link site to there actual selling site which is called "".

    My experience with simdemon....

    Ordered a Fanatec handbrake. Received in perfect condition all working no problems.

    • Several months later, ordered from simdemon a McLaren GT3 V2 steering wheel. Item received missing the "McLaren-style sticker set" and "Quick-Guide". I contacted simdemon via Facebook about the missing sticker set, and they apologised and suggested I get in touch with Fanatec. That required simdemon to send me THEIR original order details so I could register the wheel on MY Fanatec order page. Simdemon sent my what I presume was the wrong details, as what they sent me was one of their complete order lists with a list of items as long as your arm.
    • Story short, Fanatec wouln't help with the issue because I had used a third party. Not paying £30+tax just for the missing stickers I was supposed to get.
    • Second issue with the wheel I didn't realise straight away as i dont switch between wheel rims often. The QR1 lite quick release is broken! Where you are supposed to tighten the release just up to the indicator line and then it stops, the one I received doesn't tighten/stop and just keeps rotating round and round. I didnt notice at first because I only rotated it as far as the line and stopped as I knew to do from using my original DD Pro wheel.
    • Combined with the missing items/sticker+guide, it became clear to me that what was shipped to me was NOT a brand new un-opened product. I didnt bother after this getting in touch with simdemon about the quick release, as they didnt show any in stock, and I surmised would have told me to "please get in touch with Fanatec" ( who also by the way, NEVER have the QR1-lite in stock), which would have been pointless as Fantec wont deal/help with buying from a third party.
    • I have had to remove and use the quick release from my original DD Pro wheel, as i am not paying £100+ just for a replacement quick release :(
    • My experience with shopping via aka You have been warned.

  • William, I can assure you that the wheel would not have been used - I know them very well and that is NOT the way they work. With the McLaren wheel the QR is shipped in a separate box, which often goes missing, so they fit the QR to the wheel so that you get everything or nothing with the shipping. I urge you to contact them - they would be really upset to think a customer way unhappy.

    Its 100% about trying to help out people in the UK not ripping anyone off. This was my idea in the first place which I passed to the guys at Sim Demon and we work very close together. Yes sure they add a small profit margin for the work they do, but it's all about not having the hassle with customs.

    PS: I own the domain originally we both stocked Fanatec products but I dropped out due to lack of space and it being daft for us both to be doing it.


  • Simon, none of that explains why I was missing items (sticker set that Fanatec wanted me to pay £29-99+tax/delivery to replace), and a broken quick release, does it!

    I did as you suggest, contact simdemon about the missing items (I didnt at this time know about the broken quick release), but they simply directed me towards contacting Fanatec to resolve the issue, and that didn't work out as I had bought from a third party as they said.

    This purchase was from back in March earlier this year, and I have simply written it off as a mistake on my part for using a third party that does not take responsibility for aftersales of the products they sell.

    Hindsight, I will stick to putting up with any hassles of buying/importing from the original sellers, in this case Fanatec, as at least then i will have full support and aftersales should any problems arise.

    PS: Using the site as a redirect seems borderline misleading imo. Why not simply link folks direct to simdemon?

  • Hi William, thanks for sharing your experience and I'm sorry to hear you were not happy with the SIM Demon service when ordering your Mclaren wheel and QR, this is not how we role. As the founder and MD of SIM-UK\SIM Demon, I'd like to answer some of the points raised and potential misconceptions, the ethos behind the service we offer and our aspirations to help Fanatec shoppers. I'd still like to rectify the issues experienced, but fully understand why you would now prefer to buy direct.

    As Simon mentioned, we only sell new hardware, that's why we were slightly disappointed as well when you contacted us to explain the stickers we're missing. They couldn't have been packed with the original unit, and trust me this does occasionally happen with Fanatec. The quickest way to get situations like this resolved is to transfer the warranty, a service Fanatec does offer if they receive proof of purchase of the original item and the serials match, hence why we sent you the original invoice. The user then gets the warranty and they can then raise the claim i.e. these were missing from new and get a quick response\support\replacment\repair. If we try and support this type of claim on the customer's behalf it takes twice as long, again we know this from past experience. So much so, that's why we added the information to our website and the terms at checkout.

    With regards to the QR, as this is the first time we've heard of this i.e. you didn't contact us when this happened, then we've not had a chance to respond, or offer support. or send a replacement. With regards to selling the QRs separately, we don't sell the plastic QR unless we have spare stock from converted wheels, these then get allocated to the website. Either way, we would have found a solution.

    We are only trying to support the UK market and take the shipping delays, customs and duty issues out of the equation. Most shoppers appreciate a next-day delivery service. As you mentioned the handbrake order went smoothly, we sell a lot of Fanatec products with a 99% happy customer rate, please see our Trustpilot reviews As a very small company, we care about our customers and work extremely hard to offer a good service. One thing I've learnt over a number of years is that people are very quick to leave a negative review but do not spend the time to leave a good review.

    So moving forward, we will amend the URL as suggested, so users are directed to SIM Demon straight away, along with changes to our 'About Us' pages on why we rebranded to SIM Demon from SIM UK, we do not wish to mislead anyone. We have recently moved to Tiverton in Devon to a bigger business premises where customers can test and try hardware in our dedicated sim room, they can also purchase directly from our sales desk and take away their products. We also pride ourselves that we have a large number of calls for advice and support and do all we can to help. One of our support team will reach out directly regarding the stickers and QR. Again apologies for the inconvenience, but I also wanted to respond to the points that you raised, while also trying to help.

  • Hi Paul, thanks for responding. Regards the warranty exchange on the Mclaren wheel, I requested and received from SIM Demon a proof of purchase for a shopping list of items listed so. I am guessing that my wheel is the Mclaren included in the list.

    I tried to use the invoice number that came with said receipt to register my wheel with Fanatec, but sadly their system wouldn't accept it.

    I had originally decided to buy from you, SIM Demon, as this is the type of hassle I had hoped to avoid. To-and-fro. Back and forth. Then soon after, finding that the quick release was also broken and knowing that SIM Demon had already told me that I had to direct my previous issue on to Fanatec, can you see how I would have assumed the same suggestion would have been directed my way regards the quick release!

    At that point I was just like, you know what, silly me. That's what I get for trying to cut corners. Learn and move on. So I did, just minus the stickers and quick release.

    Oh and regards leaving good reviews. I did leave you a good review and praised the company highly, after I had contacted you about an issue regards the then new website and it's advertised "The price you see is the price you pay". You got onto the web developers straight away, and the very next day all information was amended and updated asap to avoid any further confusion.

  • The items I want are not in stock on simdemon, plus I don’t feel the additional cost is worth it in my opinion! The idea is great but I’m more than happy to wait to save a couple hundred £££

  • Ordered on 31st August, still nothing. I speculated on the UK orders issue too and started a Reddit thread. I found one guy who recently received an order having ordered after me, and also one danish guy who ordered before me and handby yet receved his order. So I'm not sure if it really is a UK specific issue or rather just fanatec clearing the backlog in a seemingly random order.

  • I'm in the same boat Ben. I live in the UK, ordered on the 29th August and still nothing. The situation is getting absolutely ridiculous. This is the first product I've ever purchased from Fanatec and the experience has been awful.

  • Doesn’t look good does it! I ordered on the 1st September so couple days behind you and still not heard anything! Getting ridiculous now! They should’ve been prepared better for this…

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    Hi guys,

    Yeah it's not a specific UK issue. I live in Switzerland, ordered on August 29th and yet still nothing.

    Seems we need a bit more patience, for those 'available products' LOL but how long ? :P

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    Seems a bit out of order at this point with this many people still with no clue about the whereabouts or estimates for receiving their orders considering the cost of their products they are currently keeping hundreds of thousands of euros that have been paid for undelivered orders without a clear path to resolution. I hate to say it but it does seem like a company that’s not miles away from going into administration.

  • Hahaha jus posted basicly the same in another Thread...but Some people got stuff send Out by contacting Thing is that there are Many complaints about Quality and Parts Missing those people are kinda lost Without customer Service....its jus like gambling With this company...but really gettin worried If i Made the right choice buying Here

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    Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the delay and that you’re still waiting for your order to be delivered. You’ll receive an email notification alongside tracking information from the shipping provider that will also be put in your customer account on our website once your order is ready to be shipped. Please currently ignore the “completely shipped” status. We are aware that response times of our Customer Care team are currently taking up longer than usual due to these logistical delays. We’re working intensively with our logistics partner to process the delivery of your order as quickly as possible.

    Your Fanatec Team

  • I checked UPS using the method above and it just says "Delay", with no estimated date of arrival.

    Who else here is from the UK and still waiting?

  • I’ve just done this, showing as delivered but I’ve had nothing so unsure

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    so it means ur packages  is not ready.

    For me it show my order and it's coming tomorrow but i still don't have my tracking number or mail lol


  • I’m in the uk, ordered on the 30th of august, no tracking number, although I tried this and it only shows one parcel on the way which is due today apparently, so we’ll see

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