No reply from Fanatec about my money

Hi, at 5th september i have order and payed by Paypal, after a few days i receive an email from Fanatec saying i did not pay, i contact Paypal , and they inform me the payment was made to endor, i not possible to reach Fanatec by phone, i have sent several emails ti Fanatec without reply, can anyone help me?



  • Same thing here.

    Ordered last friday, the 8th of September, order is "shipped" without tracking number.

    I asked for the tracking number and here's the reply :


    We are very sorry your order is affected by a processing backlog and would like to provide you with context on the situation. Within the scope of providing better service and more options for our customers, we have transitioned to a new EU warehouse. Despite our best efforts and extensive preparation on our end, this change has had more hiccups than we could have expected. One aspect of this includes incorrect updates on the shipping status, which is why you do not have a tracking number yet.

    Rest assured, things are moving forward. We have added additional staff to handle the workload and it is our primary goal to get your purchase out to you as soon as possible. Once your order has left our warehouse, the tracking number will be uploaded to your order in your Fanatec account and you can track the delivery progress via UPS directly. 

     We greatly appreciate your continued patience!


    I really don't like the idea of too many people complaining like we do here, that's REALLY STRANGE.

  • My problem is not only that... my problem is that i pay and they have sent me an email saying the payment is missing.... i contact Paypal, and they confirm the money was tranfered to ENDOR...

  • really? hmm accounting to the PayPal you can contact seller directly at PayPal if there was issue

  • I have just reported to paypal, i have sent several emails to FANATEC, tried to contact by phone etc... but no one answer... it is unbelivable...

  • Problem solved trough paypal😁:

    Dear Mr. Cardoso, thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there was a technical problem with your payment, which we have already been able to resolve. Your payment was not automatically assigned to your order, which is why it has not yet been shipped. I have already updated your order earlier and the shipment of your goods will take place tomorrow. If you have any further questions, please let me know. With kind regards Your Fanatec-team

  • Pois, tão a ter muitos problemas técnicos! Lol

    A ver é se as encomendas chegam! Toca a esperar m mais um pouco. Abraço

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