Pre-ordered Podium Paddles 12/9/18 and not received yet May 2019 orders being delivered.

I've always had good things to say about fanatec but this is the first time I'm fuming pissed I've seen them three email starting last Thursday (1 week) and they are not responding to my messages. Not once have I had a reply. I pre-ordered these and I'm in the US. Order processed on December 9th 2018. Yet someone here in the US ordered his on May 26th 2019 and already has his. This is some of the worse customer service I've ever seen. I've sent multiple emails, a call and social media and not one reply from anyone. I'm a long time customer too. Csw v2,.5, 3 wheel purchases, V3, handbrake, shifter, DD1. This is how you treat a upset client? I'm.done after this.


  • Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator
    edited June 2019
    Hi Chad,
    thank you for your message. As you can see on the product page, the product is still not yet released. Just some units slipped out accidentely before the official launch. I am sure you will get your unit asap (at the planned/given shipping date) and I will also notify our fulfillment team that you wrote a message. The workload is super-high currently so delays can happen. I guess you used this contact in the webshop, right: "I am a customer and have questions regarding my order"?

  • By accident? Smh
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