brake on V3 wont stay calibrated

when i shutdown my computer i loose the brake calibration., gas and clutch work fine, when i open up in the software, i have to hold down the brake and hit max to get it to start working and then recalibrate. 
any ideas i to fix this? i have reinstalled the firm ware and drivers.


  • I've been having the same issue. 
  • Not sure if I'm experiencing the same "issue" as described above? 

    When I start my PC and with the V3 pedals direclty connected to an USB(3.0) connector I always have to or disconnect/connect the USB or in the pedal menu touch the brake slider to have max LC brake. Otherwise it only reaches about 30% of the slider 
    I already reinstalled the pedal software but nothing seems to help. 
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    Sorry for responding to this old thread but as no solution was presented, i'll have a try:

    Check the red marked box in the properties menu as shown in attachment.

    That's what solved the issue for me. I'm curious if it will help you, too.
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