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  • Be the first to own the new ClubSport Wheel Rim GT3 Endurance, debuting at the 24 Hours of Spa!
    • This all-new Wheel Rim transforms the look of the Podium Button Module Endurance, with precision CNC-machined holes to align perfectly with the buttons, toggle switches, and rotaries. The 318 mm diameter and overmolded rubber grips are similar in feel to the amazing Podium Steering Wheel BMW M4 GT3, shaped for comfort during long races.

      We’ve made a Limited Edition of 100 units to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the biggest GT race in the world, the CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa. These individually numbered units will be available to purchase at the event, starting from Thursday 27th, so act fast!

      Please check the following FAQs:

      Where can I find you?

      • We’re selling 100 Limited Edition Wheel Rims at our combined booth with Grid Finder, Rafa Racing, and AK Esports. Head for the Fan Village, you can’t miss it!

      What are your opening hours?

      • Thursday 27 June, 10:00 - 12:00, then 13:30 - 16:00
      • Friday 28 June, 10:00 - 12:00, then 13:30 - 16:00
      • Saturday 29 June, 10:00 - 12:00, then 13:30 - 16:00
      • Sunday 30 June, 10:00 - 12:00

      How do I buy one?

      • Find a Fanatec staff member on-site and ask to buy a Wheel Rim. We need to place a quotation on your Fanatec account, so make sure you’ve already created one! Full instructions on how to buy will be explained at the booth. Our staff are there to help!

      How much is it?

      • The limited edition ‘ClubSport Wheel Rim GT3 Endurance Spa24H’ is just 129.95€!

      I can’t make it to Spa, but I really want this product! Can I buy it online?

      • We plan to sell a regular version of the ClubSport Wheel Rim GT3 Endurance on the Fanatec website in the future.

      Is it required to use a Podium Button Module Endurance with this product?

      • No – but it would look strange without it! You can bolt the Wheel Rim directly to a ClubSport Universal Hub or Podium Hub, but you would see empty holes for the Button Module Endurance inputs. Note that this is a ‘Wheel Rim’, and not a full ‘Steering Wheel’, therefore you need at least a ClubSport or Podium Hub with Quick Release to use it on a Fanatec Wheel Base.

      Can I buy other Fanatec products at the event?

      • We are only stocking the 100 limited edition Wheel Rims.

      Can I get my Limited Edition GT3 Wheel Rim shipped to my home address?

      • No, you must collect it at the booth before the end of the event. If you do not collect it in time, we will cancel and refund your order.


      You can also win prizes, including a fully-loaded setup with the new GT3 Wheel Rim (unit #1!), plus a Podium Button Module Endurance, Podium Hub, Podium Advanced Paddle Module, QR2 Pro Wheel-Side, ClubSport DD Wheel Base, and ClubSport Pedals V3 in our Hot Lap Challenge! And look out for other giveaways on-site!

      We hope to see you there!

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  • Housekeeping Update 3
    • We’d like to share some further updates and improvements at Fanatec. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we appreciate your continued patience during this time.

      • On Monday, we notified the District Court in Munich of a restructuring project in line with the German Act on the Stabilization and Restructuring Framework for Companies (StaRUG), as described in the statement published here: We wish to emphasise that entering the StaRUG process was our last resort to avoid bankruptcy, after all other options were rejected by the lending banks.
      • Exclusive negotiations with strategic investor CORSAIR® was described in this update: We want to assure you that decisions are being made with the best interests of the Fanatec customer in mind, ensuring long-term stability for the company. Due to the ongoing discussions, we cannot provide further details right now; there are currently no changes to daily operations, and work continues as normal.
      • We are aware of the backlog in our tech support queue which has occurred due to the large number of backorders that recently shipped to customers who are now setting up their products. From experience, we know that over 50% of support questions we receive are answered by our FAQs, chatbot, and quick guides and manuals, so we encourage you to check these resources. We are making great progress with onboarding our new customer service partner, which will improve our scalability to handle these situations of increased short-term demand.
      • In the US region, we are now ‘overpacking’ shipments, meaning that orders containing multiple products are shipped in one box (when possible). This makes shipping more cost-effective and is also helpful for customs with shipments to Canada. This is a test phase that we want to roll out to all regions in future.
      • Processing for in-stock items is operating normally in US, AU, and JP, and the turnaround time for EU is improving each day - with the backlog in the EU warehouse more than halved since last week. This means that estimated shipping speed stated for each product on the site is realistic, and usually faster for regions outside EU. Thank you to everyone for your patience. We’re working hard to improve our services and we are making important strides to lower the backlog every day.


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  • Housekeeping Update 2
    • Hi everyone! I would like to provide some additional insights in this week’s update personally. You can expect regular housekeeping posts on this blog where we would like to explain the progress within our Customer Care and Logistics units. 

      Firstly, following the challenges encountered during Black Friday with overselling and synchronisation errors, I’m happy to report that all but a handful of backorders for our Formula V2.5 and V2.5 X wheels have been fulfilled, and they're now back in stock across the US, EU, and Australia.  

      The ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base has now launched in Japan, and the ClubSport Racing Wheel F1® will follow soon. We thank our Japanese customers for their patience! 

      Next up, we've taken the important step of switching our carrier partner to FedEx for shipments to Canada. And our Canadian customers are already feeling the difference with faster processing and delivery times! 

      In Europe, I can confirm that we have already lowered the turnaround time for order shipments. We expect this positive trend to continue, reaching better-than-average turnaround time by next week, thanks to the warehouse operating during the public holiday in Germany tomorrow. 

      Lastly, we've started a new partnership with an external company to overhaul our customer service processes and improve our response times. They're already diving in and making a difference. Due to the size of our ecosystem and scaling to meet the demands of an international customer base, the onboarding takes time, but I’m confident that you will notice the improvements over the next weeks. 

      We are pushing every day to give our customers the best experience. Stay tuned for more updates! 

      Belma Nadarevic, CMO at Fanatec 

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  • Fanatec and Formula 1® renew licensing partnership
    • Fanatec is pleased to announce that it is continuing as an Official Licensee of Formula 1® and Official Provider of Formula 1® Sim Racing with a new multi-year agreement. 

      As Official Provider of Formula 1® Sim Racing, Fanatec supplies teams and drivers with a full racing set up including a steering wheel, pedals, direct drive wheel base, and cockpit. Round three of the 2024 F1® Sim Racing Championship will take place on May 7. 

      We have recently introduced a new Officially Licensed Formula 1® package:

      ClubSport Racing Wheel F1®.

      This combines a new F1® Steering Wheel with unique blue forged carbon finish together with the acclaimed 15Nm ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base. Officially licensed by PlayStation for PS5® and PS4™ consoles, this product was developed under the official licensing and approval of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

      The iconic 270 mm ClubSport Formula wheel features a stunning blue forged carbon finish with perforated leather grips, magnetic paddle shifters, OLED display, and RGB LEDs. The Direct Drive Wheel Base uses a custom 15 Nm servo motor designed in Germany specifically for sim racing, achieving best-in-class thermal and slew rate performance. The combination of Steering Wheel and Wheel Base is completed with the included QR2 quick release system, which ensures a precision fit and flawless transfer of force feedback from the motor to the driver’s hands.

      The finest detail is achieved with FullForce, Fanatec’s new force feedback protocol tailored specifically and exclusively for Fanatec Direct Drive.

       The ClubSport Racing Wheel F1® is available now at!


      Emily Prazer, Chief Commercial Officer at Formula 1, said:

      “Throughout the last six years, our partnership with Fanatec has gone from strength-to-strength providing our worldwide gaming audience with realistic F1 products that brings the thrill of racing into their homes and lets them compete through onsite activations at our Grands Prix.” 


      Belma Nadarevic, CMO of Fanatec, said:

      “We're thrilled to extend our partnership with Formula 1 and to be the Official Provider of F1 Sim Racing. Formula 1 and Fanatec share the same desire to bring authentic, immersive motorsport experiences to fans everywhere.

      “Sim racing is an integral part of modern motorsport, training the new generation of F1 stars, providing a genuine path from virtual to real-world racing success. With the ClubSport Racing Wheel F1, fuelled by the latest Fanatec technologies, we're raising the bar for realism in your home simulator. We want everyone to dive deep into the heart-pounding excitement of Formula 1.”


      “PS5” and “PS4” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. 

      The F1 logo, FORMULA 1, F1, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trademarks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula 1 company. All rights reserved.

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  • Housekeeping update
      • In recent weeks, we received anticipated cargo shipments in the EU that have enabled us to process a considerable number of outstanding orders. While we are delighted to be able to fulfill these orders, this has led to a temporary increase in our warehouse backlog, as orders are processed according to the 'first in, first out' principle. We are happy to say that the overall trend is positive, and we currently expect our turnaround time to return to normal within the next 7-10 business days. Please monitor your inbox for updates on tracking information.

      • We would like to remind you that orders containing any item marked 'open for pre-orders' will be on hold until that item is available again. For example, if your steering wheel ships with a separately-packaged quick release and this is on pre-order, your wheel will not ship until the quick release is available. This only applies to the availability status at the time you place the order - the product availability status on each page is 'live' so you should not be concerned if this changes after your order was placed.

      • Some of you are asking about warranties starting too early. This is due to the warranty being triggered when the invoice is created, and if there is a longer processing/shipping time, this can seem unfair. But you don't have to worry - the team can see when your product was shipped and therefore can calculate the correct warranty timing.
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  • Fanatec statement
    • On April 15th, the Supervisory Board of Endor AG appointed Andres Ruff as the company’s new chairman and CEO. Andres has extensive experience as well as a valuable network in the area of transformation and restructuring of medium-sized companies.

      Andres Ruff said:

      “Hello, Fanatec fans! I am thrilled to join Fanatec and work with this passionate team. Right now, my priority is to tackle delivery issues arising from overwhelming demand. Rest assured, we are diligently working to return to optimal operations. Once resolved, we'll refocus our energy on crafting remarkable sim racing hardware.”

      We extend our heartfelt thanks to Thomas Jackermeier, who founded the company and created many groundbreaking products with a lasting impact on the entire industry. His vision and innovative ideas were instrumental in shaping Fanatec into what it is today.

      And we want to thank you, the sim racing community, for your patience. Your enthusiasm for Fanatec fuels our drive to keep pushing. Here's to an exciting chapter ahead, stay tuned!

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  • Planned IT infrastructure maintenance (19.4.2024) - update: completed!
    • Update: now complete, site is running as normal again.

      Original message below:

      Dear Community,

      We would like to inform you that we will be conducting IT infrastructure optimisation this evening. This means that the website could be unavailable for a few hours. This is intended to ensure the stability of our services for the future.

      Best wishes,

      Team Fanatec

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  • Introducing the Fanatec CSL Cockpit, available now!

    • Need a compact, high-performance sim rig at an incredible price? Look no further than the CSL Cockpit! Our all-new sim racing chassis designed for Fanatec hardware starts at just 399.95 €/$, and it’s available now in all regions!

      Unbelievably strong.

      Using aluminium tubing and steel brackets, it is both light and strong. The innovative trapeze design means the frame punches well above its weight, having been tested with high-end load cell pedals and Direct Drive Wheel Bases up to 25 Nm. The optimal side-mounting Wheel Base brackets means you can be sure that you’re not losing any force feedback detail through chassis flex – this rig is rock-solid!

      The classic GT driving position of the CSL Cockpit is ideal for many forms of motorsport, such as GT, Oval, Drift, and Rally. By inverting the Wheel Base brackets, a karting position is also possible.

      We’re offering a selection of great value accessories at launch: Seat, Shifter Holder, and Monitor Holder all designed specifically for the CSL Cockpit, with more accessories coming soon!

      The components and all the tools you’ll need to assemble your new rig fit in remarkably small boxes, which helps to keep the shipping costs down too. We can’t wait to see your new builds!

      Check out the product pages for all the details.


      Regional pricing:

      CSL Cockpit (frame only)

      • EU: 399.95€
      • US: $399.95
      • AUS: A$669.95
      • Japan: ¥64600.00


      CSL Cockpit Seat

      • EU: 99.95€
      • US: $99.95
      • AUS: A$169.95
      • Japan: ¥16200.00


      CSL Cockpit Shifter Holder

      • EU: 39.95€
      • US: $39.95
      • AUS: A$69.95
      • Japan: ¥6500.00


      CSL Cockpit Monitor Holder

      • EU: 119.95€
      • US: $119.95
      • AUS: A$199.95
      • Japan: ¥19400.00
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  • Downtime during IT infrastructure maintenance (Updated 1.3.2024)
    • UPDATE 1.3.2024

      Further planned maintenance of our IT infrastructure will occur on Saturday March 2nd. We expect the website to be in maintenance mode for several hours on Saturday. Please be aware that during this time, no orders can be placed and it will not be possible to open support tickets. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and we thank you for your patience.

      UPDATE 23.2.2024

      Initial maintenance is already completed, there is no further downtime planned for this weekend. The website will be operating normally.

      Original message posted 22.2.2024:

      Dear Community,

      We would like to inform you in advance that we will be conducting maintenance downtime on our IT infrastructure over the upcoming weekend. This means that the web shop will be offline for a certain period during the maintenance. This is intended to ensure the stability of our services for the future.


      Your Fanatec Team

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  • Information regarding our US warehouse
    • Dear community,

      We have some news about our US warehouse that we would like to share with you.

      After many years of shipping out orders from California across the North American region, we are currently relocating our logistics center to Texas. As we are still working with the same partner, we expect service disruptions to be kept to a minimum - in fact many of you who received orders these last weeks will not even have noticed the change. However, it's possible that the transfer of stock can lead to processing delays of some orders. We hope we can count on your understanding that this is only a temporary situation. The move should be completed by the end of February.

      Please note orders held back by stock issues - as we are having with the QR1 Lite, for example - are not related to any relocation delays.

      Within the context of this relocation, we also have new receiving addresses for returns or repair services. If you need support in either of these areas, please refer to the instructions provided to you by a Fanatec team member.

      Thank you!

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  • ClubSport Steering Wheel V 2.5 X - Order Fuflilment Update
    • Dear Community,

      We have an update for those who ordered the ClubSport Steering Wheel V2.5 X in Europe and were still waiting for their order. Since we oversold this product on Black Friday, we shipped more than 400 V 2.5X orders across the globe. This week, we released an additional 700 V2.5X units Europe, for which processing is already underway. Please check your order via your customer account for an update on the tracking number.

      Best regards,

      Team Fanatec

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  • Gran Turismo® DD Extreme: the ultimate gear for GT7
    • Firstly, I am very happy to deliver some good news - the ClubSport DD+ has begun shipping to customers! It took much longer than expected, but final technical clearance from Sony is complete. Our relationship with PlayStation stretches back over 20 years, and it makes me very proud to launch another amazing PlayStation-licensed product!

      We had a fantastic opportunity to deliver the first official Direct Drive system for Gran Turismo in the Gran Turismo® DD Pro. This has remained the best choice for Gran Turismo fans everywhere and is the official hardware of the Gran Turismo World Series, used by the very best Gran Turismo players in the world. 

      It’s now time to introduce the highest performance official Gran Turismo® wheel ever:

      Gran Turismo® DD Extreme.

      This combines a brand-new Steering Wheel designed in collaboration with Polyphony Digital and the incredible new 15 Nm ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base. This flagship Gran Turismo® package sets a new high bar for performance in Gran Turismo® 7 and will also improve the driving experience in many other popular PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 racing games, and it works on PC too.

      Just like the ClubSport DD+, the Steering Wheel for Gran Turismo® DD Extreme was also designed from the ground-up for QR2. This is our first ‘Racing Wheel’ (Steering Wheel and Wheel Base package) fully optimised for the new quick release, which means superior stability and tightness, and no loss of force feedback detail. The Gran Turismo DD Extreme steering wheel was designed in parallel with the QR2 Lite Wheel-Side and endurance tested, ensuring that this combination can safely and securely handle 15 Nm torque all day long.

      The wheel has RGB lighting on the directional sticks, FlagLEDs, and RevLEDs, and a 2.7” OLED display. Premium vegan leather and ergonomic grips make the 300 mm diameter wheel feel comfortable and much like a real GT road car, and the magnetic shifters and analog clutch paddles enhance the realism even further.

      Of course, it also comes with our new Force Feedback 2.0 protocol: FullForce.

      It brings force feedback to another level and uses the full potential of Direct Drive products as the current force feedback protocol was developed for belt and gear drive wheel bases which cannot make use of the super fine vibration signals a Direct Drive wheel base can handle.

      Regional pricing:

      EU: 1299.95€

      US: $1299.95

      AUS: A$2139.90

      Japan: coming soon, stay tuned!

      I am very proud to strengthen our partnership with Gran Turismo and Polyphony Digital with this stunning new product. This is absolutely the best way to experience Gran Turismo® 7, and it will only get better with FullForce support, coming soon!

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  • ClubSport DD+ Update
    • Dear Community,  

      We would like to provide you with an update on the status of Sony's approval for the ClubSport DD+.

      At the time of our last update, we expected to receive the license by mid-January. However, we were now informed that the review process is still ongoing. Currently, we do not anticipate receiving the license for the first product on the market, which incorporates Sony's new security electronics within the next two weeks.

      We are very sorry that we have not yet received a green light to ship this exciting new product to you and apologize for any resulting inconvenience to you. It goes without saying that we will continue to keep you updated on a shipping date as soon as the details are made available to us.

      Thank you for your patience!

      Your Fanatec Team

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  • ClubSport DD+ Orders
    • Dear community,

      We’d like to provide you with an update on your ClubSport DD+ order.

      It was our anticipation that we would have shipped these orders by now - provided your purchase did not include pre-order items that were not yet in stock. To facilitate this, we had the products transported to our global warehouses via air freight. This worked seamlessly and everything has arrived as expected.

      However, we encountered a separate challenge – pending product approval by Sony. The ClubSport DD+ is the first product on the market incorporating Sony’s new security electronics. Consequently, the product approval procedures are comprehensive and time-consuming. Initially we expected to receive this approval sooner. To date, we are still waiting for it, which is why we are currently unable to ship your order.

      We hope to have an update on the matter by mid-January and are doing whatever we can to expedite the approval process and deliver this exciting new product to you as quickly as possible. Please note, the product availability date in your Fanatec account is relevant to your shipping date - not the current date online in the shop, which only applies to new orders.

      Your Fanatec Team

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  • Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update 3
    • Dear Community,

      We would like to provide you with another update regarding order processing after Black Friday.


      The situation has improved, but we still have a backlog of 3 business days in volume for processing orders. This volume still includes orders from Black Friday until now. For Europe there were a total of 36,000 European orders that needed to be processed and have been processed due to Black Friday.

      There will be an update for those who ordered the V2.5 X Steering Wheel and have not yet received news on the shipping status. We apologize it's taken so long to provide you with feedback. About 400 orders with the ClubSport V2.5 X are already on their way.

      USA /Canada

      As for the US & Canada, we ‘re still processing orders from the last day of Black Friday Week as there were a lot of orders that day. However, we hope to be up to date with order processing for the US by the end of this week. For new orders: If you want to receive something by Christmas, then you need to purchase with FedEx Ground by Sunday at the latest. However, depending on the location, there is no guarantee that your order will arrive everywhere, especially on the east coast (because the warehouse is in California). With FedEx Express, shipments are processed on a priority basis, so new orders might still be delivered in time for Christmas. (A usual: This only applies if the order does not contain a product that has a pre-order date. Otherwise the order will not be shipped).


      All regions:

      Further information: An inventory will be carried out in all regions at the beginning of January. This means that almost no orders will be shipped in the first week of January until January 10, partly also because the week is shortened by the public holiday.

      We would like to thank everyone again for their patience with us.

      Your Fanatec Team

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  • Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update 2
    • Dear community,

      we would like to give you another update on the current status of processing the 60,000 orders placed during Black Friday week (17. - 27.11). We have just gone through exporting the orders from November 24th and are currently working on the orders from November 25th and 26th. So, we still expect a delay of up to 10 working days. However, we are aiming to process most Black Friday orders and return to day-to-day business possibly by the end of next week. Please note that the processing time does not include the shipping time with UPS or FedEx.

      If your order is still "in process", this is because your order had a pre-order date. However, there are also cases where we have to review orders that are still "in process" on a case-by-case basis. You will receive further information on this subject shortly.

      We thank you for your patience during this time.

      Your Fanatec Team

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  • Black Friday Orders | Shipping Update
    • Dear community,

      We are very pleased that you accepted our Black Friday offers so well. Thank you! 

      Now we'd like to give you an update regarding our turnaround times. Due to the extremely high order volume during our Black Friday event, turnaround times for order processing may take up to ten days, depending on your region. 

      Please note, the order status "Completely shipped" in your Fanatec account only signifies that your data was transferred to our warehouse - your tracking data will take longer to appear. We have also fixed the issue that the tracking information wasn't displayed on mobile view. However, please also check your tracking numbers on desktop or desktop view on smartphones. Finally: If your order included pre-order items, it will only ship once everything is in stock.

      We'll keep you up to date on this topic here in the forum.

      Your Fanatec Team

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  • Black Friday 2023- All offers are online!

    • Black Friday Week is here! 

      Instead of having one day of offers, this year we have decided to have a week of spectacular deals and surprises! New deals will appear every day throughout the week - to avoid you guys hurting your fingers constantly “F5-ing” we will send you a daily update on our socials and through the newsletter to show you which offers are online that day. 

      All deals will continue until the end of ‘Cyber Monday’, November 27th or until the stock lasts as all offers are limited in quantity.

      DAY 1 (17.11.2023)

      The Podium Wheel Base DD2 is now just 799.95€, an incredible 47% discount! Our most powerful Direct Drive Wheel Base offers 25 Nm torque, super solid build quality, and full support for the Fanatec ecosystem, including Xbox-licensed Steering Wheels for Xbox compatibility. And it includes the QR2 Base-Side upgrade! 

      Regional pricing: 

      EU: 799.95€ 

      US: $799.95 

      Japan: ¥120,500 

      Australia: $1299.95 


      In addition, the 20 Nm Podium Wheel Base DD1 is now available in two Racing Wheel bundles: the Podium Racing Wheel BMW GT2 V2 and the Podium Racing Wheel RS for 999.95€: a 31% discount. These bundles include the QR2 Base-Side (Type-M) and a QR2 Wheel-Side, so you can enjoy the precision fit of QR2 and feel all the details of Direct Drive technology. 


      Podium Racing Wheel BMW GT2 V2 (DD1 + ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT2 V2) 


      Podium Racing Wheel RS (DD1 + ClubSport Steering Wheel RS) 


      Regional pricing: 

      EU: 999.95€ 

      US: $999.95 

      Japan: ¥133,600 

      Australia: $1649.95 

      DAY 2 (18.11.2023)

      Following the incredible Podium DD deals yesterday, Black Friday Week continues today with the CSL Elite Pedals V2 at 33% off!

      With Hall sensors on throttle and clutch, and a totally new load cell brake system, the CSL Elite Pedals V2 is an amazing performer. The pedal arms, faces, and heel rest are made from cast and machined aluminium, so it is built to last.

      Regional pricing:

      EU: 199.95€

      US: $199.95

      Japan: ¥25,800

      Australia: $349.90

      DAY 3 (19.11.2023)

      Many people have waited years for this. The Shifter is finally available with a discount and goes for just 159.95€ and includes the ClubSport USB Adapter – a 43% discount!

      Regional pricing:

      EU: 159.95€

      US: $159.95

      Japan: ¥24,200

      Australia: $259.95

      The ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5 is a cornerstone of the Fanatec ecosystem, with its great H-pattern shift feeling, fast switch to Sequential Mode, and general ease of use making it an incredibly popular product. We are including the ClubSport USB Adapter as part of this special Black Friday Week deal – this is not required if you have a Fanatec Wheel Base, but it can be useful for sim racers using other equipment and just want to use the ClubSport Shifter as a standalone input device on PC.

      DAY 4 (2011.2023)

      It’s Day 4 of Black Friday Week! Today we the launch of the Limited Edition ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2023, and a special ClubSport Pedals V3 bundle at an incredible price!

      This stunning Formula wheel is an official F1®-licensed product featuring a special green forged carbon plate with metallic flakes. The nature of the production process means that each of the 2023 units will look unique! It also includes the QR2 Wheel-Side, so it’s the perfect companion for the incredible Podium Wheel Base deals that include a QR2 Base-Side, or the ClubSport DD or ClubSport DD+ that were designed for QR2 from the ground-up. You can select it with the ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module for 399.95€, or the Podium Advanced Paddle Module for 499.95€.

      ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2023 + MPM regional pricing:

      EU: 399.95€

      US: $399.95

      Japan: ¥54,900 SOLD OUT

      Australia: $629.95 SOLD OUT

      ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2023 + APM regional pricing:

      EU: 499.95€

      US: $499.95

      Japan: ¥70,000 SOLD OUT

      Australia: $799.95 SOLD OUT

      And the legendary ClubSport Pedals V3 is now available with Brake Performance Kit and Damper Kit for just 299.95€ - a huge 40% discount!

      The ClubSport Pedals V3 features Hall sensors on throttle and clutch, and a load cell brake pedal with tool-free adjustable preload. The Brake Performance Kit stiffens the brake pedal feel and the Damper Kit can be installed on either the brake or throttle axis to give a more ‘hydraulic’ feeling. 

      DAY 5 (21.11.2023)

      The daily deals keep on coming! Today we have a huge discount on a special bundle that includes the Boost Kit, CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit and Tuning Kit! Give your setup a huge performance boost! The CSL DD / Gran Turismo DD Pro Upgrade Kit is just 169.95€ – a 49% discount!

      Regional pricing:

      EU: 169.95€

      US: $169.95

      Japan: ¥25,600

      Australia: $276.95

      The Boost Kit 180 upgrades your CSL DD or Gran Turismo DD Pro to 8 Nm torque, and the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit is a major upgrade for your CSL Pedals, transforming the realism of the brake. The CSL Pedals Tuning Kit is the finishing touch, upgrading the pedal faces to anodised aluminium. 

      DAY 6 (22.11.2023)

      We’re not done yet! Today there are unbelievable savings on the QR2 Base-Side (Type-C) and QR2 Base-Side (Type-M)! Upgrade your CSL DD or Gran Turismo DD Pro to QR2 with the QR2 Base-Side (Type-C) – a 71% discount. Or if you have a Podium Wheel Base, choose the QR2 Base-Side (Type-M) at an 80% discount!

      QR2 Base-Side (Type-C) regional pricing:

      EU: 19.95€

      US: $19.95

      Japan: ¥2,900

      Australia: $39.90

      QR2 Base-Side (Type-M) regional pricing:

      EU: 29.95€

      US: $29.95

      Japan: ¥4,000

      Australia: $49.95

      Step up to the QR2 and enjoy a much better connection – easier to attach and detach wheels, and a super tight fit to transmit the finest force feedback details from your Direct Drive Wheel Base to your hands.

      Even if you don't consider to upgrade all your wheels right away we are pretty sure that there will be a point when you really want to.

      DAY 7 (23.11.2023)

      One more day until Black Friday, and it’s another set of awesome deals today! Big savings on Porsche Wheel Rims, ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox, ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module, Podium Button Module Endurance and Button Caps and Sticker Set!  

      Podium Wheel Rim Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Suede and Leather versions)  

      EU: 99.95€ 

      US: $99.95 

      Japan: ¥11,900 

      Australia: $39.90 

      ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox  

      EU: 249.95€ 

      US: $249.95 

      Japan: ¥29,000 

      Australia: $399.90 

      ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module 

      EU: 69.95€ 

      US: $69.95 

      Japan: ¥11,500 

      Australia: $119.90 

      Podium Button Module Endurance 

      EU: 149.95€ 

      US: $149.95 

      Japan: ¥20,000 

      Australia: $259.90 

      Button Caps and Sticker Set 

      EU: 4.95€ 

      US: $4.95 

      Japan: ¥750 

      Australia: $8.95 

      DAY 8 BLACK FRIDAY (24.11.2023)

      Our final set of deals is now live! More amazing discounts and new product launches!

      Firstly, we introduce four new Wheel Rims and our partnership with the famous racing brand SPARCO: full-scale replicas of some of Sparco's most popular wheels, all using genuine Alcantara®, including our first ever karting wheel! Choose your racing discipline: GT, Rally, Formula, or Karting. The GT, Rally, and Formula all fit perfectly with the Podium Button Module Rally. Check out the new ‘Rally Sweden’ bundle!

      ClubSport Wheel Rim Sparco GT / Rally / Formula / Karting

      EU: 139.95€

      US: $139.95

      Japan: ¥21,200

      Australia: $227.90

      The ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 is also on offer – an ideal companion alongside the discounted ClubSport Shifter and a perfect combo with our new rally wheels for EA Sports WRC!

      ClubSport Handbrake V1.5

      EU: 109.95€

      US: $109.95

      Japan: ¥13,900

      Australia: $179.95

      And finally the most anticipated offer: The ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X is on sale at a huge 43% discount! And we’re offering it in combination with the CSL DD (5 Nm) at an additional saving too.

      Get Full carbon fiber top notch quality and Xbox compatibility for an unbelievable low price.

      ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X

      EU: 199.95€

      US: $199.95

      Japan: ¥25,800

      Australia: $349.90

      CSL DD Racing Wheel Formula V2.5 X

      EU: 479.95€

      US: $479.95

      Japan: ¥69,000

      Australia: $799.95

      Be sure to check out the Black Friday page on the website for all the deals.

      All ‘Black Friday Week’ deals will continue until the end of ‘Cyber Monday’, November 27th, or until the stock lasts as all offers are limited in quantity.

      We’re offering new deals every day until Friday 24th, so all offers are online now as long as they are available.


      • We’ll be offering new deals every day until Friday 24th, so be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels. We’ll send you updates via this newsletter service too!
      • All ‘Black Friday Week’ deals will continue until the end of ‘Cyber Monday’, November 27th, or until the stock lasts as all offers are limited in quantity.
      • If you want to save shipping costs then you could wait until all offers are online on Black Friday 24.11.2023. Of course there is a risk that not all of the offers will last up to this date. (if we would concentrate everything on one day it is essentially the same risk)
      • Although we have taken steps to handle the increased load, due to the huge number of orders and enquiries during the Black Friday period, the speed of order processing and responses to messages may be affected. Thanks for your patience. 
    221 comments Announcement 43.8K views 222 comments Most recent by Roberto Trigona Subscribe to this blog
  • UPDATE: The first batch of Clubsport DDs is getting shipped!
    • 🚚📦📦 You can access the updated tracking information in your customer account via a desktop browser on your PC or via the activated "desktop site" on your smartphone. The tracking information is not displayed if you are using the mobile view. Please note that if you ordered the CS DD together with another product that was not in stock at the time, we’ll start shipping your order as soon as all items are in stock. 

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  • Podium Button Module Rally: 100% Motorsport, 0% Toy
    • The Podium Button Module Rally is now available, alongside special steering wheel bundle using the original Sparco wheel rim.

      This is our third product which is not a replica but an actual part used in real motorsport.

      The Podium Button Module Rally has proven itself to be rally-worthy, having been used in every stage across the 2022 and 2023 WRC season in the M-Sport Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 WRC cars. It was built to M-Sport’s performance requirements, built extremely tough to withstand the most demanding rally conditions, while weighing just 280g. No unnecessary ‘bling bling’ - built for pure functionality and performance.

      We are proud to work together with M-Sport, a team known for making some of the best rally cars in the world.

      It is available in all regions:

      Podium Button Module Rally

      EU: 249.95€

      US: $249.95

      Australia: $419.95

      Japan: ¥39,199

      The Podium Button Module Rally is an incredibly versatile device. Because it mounts in front of a wheel rim, it is compatible with many different styles. It requires a connection to a Podium Hub or a ClubSport Universal Hub V2 / V2 for Xbox – this means that it works on PC in all configurations but can also work on PlayStation if you use a PlayStation-licensed Wheel Base, AND it works on Xbox as well if you use it with the ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox! This makes it the first designed-for-real-motorsport device that can be used on all platforms.

      The Podium Button Module Rally made its debut at the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally, driven to victory by 9 times world champion Sébastien Loeb. To celebrate this historic achievement, we are offering a special bundle called the Podium Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Rally.

      This includes two components used in the Ford Puma Rally1 cars: the original Sparco R383 steering wheel and the Podium Button Module Rally, as well as a Podium Hub and QR2 Pro Wheel Side. Note that if you wish to use this wheel a QR1 configuration, you need to add the QR1 Wheel-Side separately to your cart.

      It is also available in all regions:

      Podium Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Rally

      EU: 699.95€

      US: $699.95

      Australia: $1299.95

      Japan: ¥92,900

      The illuinated buttons can be fully controlled and customized through FanaLab and the button symbols can be replaced. Even the Multi Position Switches are illuminated and of course it comes with an OLED Tuning Menu.

      Watch this product in action in any onboard video of the M-Sport Ford Puma Rally1 WRC car.

      Sim racing is about authenticity and it cannot be closer to reality than using the real thing!

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  • Update to Customer Care Situation & Challenges | Cases older than 14 Days
    • Dear Community,

      We’re opening this channel for those of you who have waited for an update from our Customer Care Team concerning your orders or related issues. We’d like to use this post to

      • provide you with transparency on these matters,
      • give you a space to pool your questions and concerns, and
      • give us the chance to actively identify if there are additional items that may need our immediate attention. 

      We want you to know that we care about you and have ourselves been frustrated with the situation – there is no doubt things have to improve for all customers as quickly as possible. To give you some context on where we’re coming from: The overall number of current requests in the Customer Care queue is at about 8.000,and the oldest cases in the queue are from over three weeks ago.

      Being this far behind the curve is not acceptable. This is why we decided to share more insights about the current state of backlog concerning open cases and challenges via our forum, so we can better manage a dialogue between you and Fanatec until the situation improves.


      For this reason, we wanted to begin with an overview of our biggest current challenges:


      The Warehouse Transition: The move to a new warehouse came hand-in-hand with many challenges, including the shipment of wrong products (Quick Releases), orders not moving, incorrect export documentation, understaffing at the warehouse. While significant improvements have been made (for example, turnaround time for shipments within the EU reduced to ca. one day), we recognize that a great deal remains to be done. In particular, the processing of export documents to countries like the UK is still too slow – we’re actively working on speeding things up here.

      Customs Issues with UK / Third Country Orders: Beyond the speed of processing in our warehouse, orders leaving the EU were recently impacted by a separate customs issue. A bureaucratic dispute initiated by customs officials led to a hold up of several hundred orders since last week. Thanks to the tremendous effort by our team, this matter was formally resolved. Some processes need to be adjusted on both our part as well as on the customs authority side, but once these changes are successfully implemented, affected orders will begin moving again. This should happen at the latest next week.

      Unexpected Returns to Our Warehouse: Over 700 products were returned to our warehouse without a formal reason (for example, a mint return). Each case must be documented, so we can clarify if affected customers would like their products to be reshipped or refunded. If you have already provided us with feedback via a Fanatec contact form, you do not need to reach out to us again. Please note, complaints made via social media posts may not be seen/processed. Always use our website forms so our team has all relevant data to help you resolve your case.

      Mint Returns: Given our backlog, we have struggled to keep up with requests for mint returns. We have dedicated a team to focus on these cases so we can move through them as quickly as possible and refund your payment. Your request will be honoured based on your initial inquiry date, and not when we respond.


      If you believe you may be affected by any of these issues, please know we are working through all cases, order by order.

      While we might not be able to answer every specific question in this thread, we’ll try to give you frequent updates while you wait for Customer Care to process your case.

      And again: If you do not see your issue addressed here, please share it with us! Community input will help us identify potential other issues faster – thank you for working with us to make things better.

      And finally, thank you utmost for your patience and for sticking with us.


      Team Fanatec

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  • Fanatec Merch is here

    • We’ve listened to your requests and we have official merchandise! Now you can wear your favourite brand on your sleeve.

      Check out or follow the links on the main website.

      Kit yourself out in Fanatec clothing, from T-shirts to beanies! We have worked carefully with our merchandise partner to ensure that these items are the premium quality you expect from Fanatec.

      The Fanatec Essential Collection is just the start of what will be an extensive shop full of cool gear, so stay tuned!

      Note: You can use the same login information as on the main Fanatec website, but you must register separately with the Fanatec Collection website before you can place orders.

      The shop is operated by an experienced partner from EU and therefore all the processes of purchasing, shipping and returns will be managed by our partner directly. You won’t be able to see this order in our shop.

      Drive in style 😎

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  • Raising the bar again: ClubSport DD and ClubSport DD+ for PlayStation UPDATE
    • This is big! ClubSport DD is an incredible achievement from the whole team. Class-leading performance and introducing FullForce: Force Feedback 2.0 for Direct Drive.

      I think many readers of this blog will have expected the ClubSport DD, but perhaps not a PlayStation version as well. We wanted to offer two torque levels, with the PlayStation version being the more powerful option. Of course, 12 Nm is already very strong, and huge step above the CSL DD with Boost Kit and the previous ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5. 

      As always, our Xbox-licensed Steering Wheels are supported, so it is easy to achieve Xbox compatibility with both the ClubSport DD and ClubSport DD+ by attaching an Xbox wheel. 

      Now we have Direct Drive technology across CSL, ClubSport, and Podium Series. Choose your flavour: 5, 8, 12, 15, 20, or 25 Nm! 

      The ClubSport DD is available on the website for preorder starting today, with first deliveries in November. 


      ClubSport DD (12 Nm): 

      EU: 699.95€ 

      US: $699.95 

      Japan: ¥92,900 

      Australia: $1229.95 

      This is also the first time we have developed a PlayStation-licensed ClubSport Wheel Base, the ClubSport DD+. This offers all the features of the regular ClubSport DD, adds PlayStation compatibility, and it has a higher torque figure of 15 Nm.  

      It will be available for preorder soon with the following pricing: 

      ClubSport DD+ (15 Nm): 

      EU: 999.95€ 

      US: $999.95 

      Japan: ¥133,600 

      Australia: $1649.95 

      Why does the ClubSport DD feel so good? 

      FullForce: Force Feedback 2.0 for Direct Drive. 

      FullForce is a new force feedback protocol tailored specifically for FANATEC® Direct Drive. Leveraging the instantaneous response and zero backlash of direct drive technology, FullForce generates high-frequency vibrations calculated at 16000Hz for a new level of immersive effects.  

      Feel the engine revs, and details of the road surface like never before. Only FullForce gives you the full experience of driving a race car. The effects are so fine that the DD can play music and works as a speaker if you like. This technology will also replace rumble motors in steering wheels as you can create much better effects.

      At this point we do not plan to implement FullForce into the CSL DD, GT DD or Podium DD wheel bases due to technical reasons.

      Best thermal performance in its class. 

      Many mass-market direct drive systems fail to hold their claimed torque figures, gradually derating (reducing motor performance) over time to avoid overheating. The ClubSport DD's efficient motor and thermally-optimised layout holds a genuine 12 Nm torque even in the most extreme conditions, for example running an endurance race at maximum force feedback settings. 

      12 Nm is a real 12 Nm and it remains 12 Nm lap after lap after lap.

      Fastest slew rate in its class. 

      Class-leading slew rate performance combined with the powerful processor makes every motor reaction incredibly fast and dynamic, while remaining perfectly stable. This behaviour lends itself to traditional force feedback signals as well as enhanced FullForce signals (in supported games). 

      It makes it easier to catch slides and it is so much more natural to drive. Your lap times will be more consistent.

      Key features: 

      • Most advanced Direct Drive servo motor custom-designed in Germany specifically for sim racing. 
      • 12 Nm consistent torque. (CS DD+: 15 Nm)
      • FullForce technology for super low-latency detail effects. 
      • Most thermally stable wheel base in its class. 
      • New motor design for ultra smooth feeling.
      • Highest slew rate (a measure of motor responsiveness) in its class. 
      • Designed for QR2 from the ground-up with an ultra strong axis. Suitable for commercial applications.
      • There will be a QR1 adapter available later this year for full backwards compatibility.
      • Designed for Windows PC, becomes Xbox compatible when used with an Xbox-licensed Steering Wheel. 
      • CS DD+ is compatible additionally to PS4 and PS5.

      We have also introduced a new ClubSport DD Table Clamp (sold separately). 

      • Full metal clamp 
      • Adjustable angle
      • Supports ClubSport DD, ClubSport DD+, CSL DD, Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Bases.  

      You can try the ClubSport DD at the Fanatec booth at the ADAC SimRacing Expo 2023 throughout the weekend, see you there! 


      The ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base is developed under the official licensing program for PlayStation® and will work with PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 subject to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s final product approval.


      ClubSport DD+ is now available for pre-order except for Japan due to licensing reasons. This region will follow soon.

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  • Finally: The QR2

    • This was a tough one and I am really happy that we finally brought this product to the market.

      After years of development with more than 30 iterations of durability-testing different shapes and coatings, the QR2 is ready. Fanatec pioneered the use of quick releases in sim racing equipment with the original ClubSport Wheel Base in 2011, and retaining compatibility across multiple generations of Wheel Bases and Steering Wheels has been a key part of the success of the company. It’s now time to move to a new connection, so it’s a significant milestone for our product range.

      Why did it take so long?

      On the face of it, a quick release is a simple device. However, motorsport-grade quick releases are normally manufactured in small quantities, and our demands for mass production are very different. It took a huge engineering effort to develop a design that could be made in three different ways: fully CNC milled from billet aluminium for the Pro, diecast aluminium for the regular, and carbon fibre reinforced composite for the Lite. The QR1 has been a core part of the ecosystem for more than a decade, and we didn’t want to rush the change to QR2 until we were completely happy with it.

      Why should I upgrade?

      The QR2 has absolutely zero play as the slanted design will avoid even the slightest gap. This means no more rattling sounds and more important: You feel all the fine force feedback and FullForce effects. Only with the QR2 you unleash the full potential of a Direct Drive wheel base.

      QR2 is also a major improvement over the QR1 in terms of strength, stability, ease of use, and precision fit. QR2-equipped wheels can be attached to a Fanatec Wheel Base without touching the spring-loaded sleeve mechanism, making it quicker and easier to start racing. The new design also makes the electronic connection for data and power more secure.

      Are my existing Fanatec products compatible?

      Changing to a new QR system is tricky but we tried everything we could to make it as backwards compatible as possible so you can keep all the great steering wheels you already have.

      If your Wheel Base and Steering Wheel have an exchangeable quick release, then you have full compatibility. Please check the information page for all the compatibility details.



      Regular QR2 Wheel-Side:

      EU: 99.95€

      US: $99.95

      Japan: ¥15,800

      Australia: $169.90


      QR2 Pro Wheel-Side:

      EU: 199.95€

      US: $199.95

      Japan: ¥31,600

      Australia: $339.90


      QR2 Lite Wheel-Side:

      EU: 59.95€

      US: $59.95

      Japan: ¥9,500

      Australia: $99.90


      QR2 Base-Side (Type-C):

      EU: 69.95€

      US: $69.95

      Japan: ¥11,500

      Australia: $119.90


      QR2 Base-Side (Type-M):

      EU: 149.95€

      US: $149.95

      Japan: ¥23,700

      Australia: $249.90



      The QR1 Wheel-Side is now available with a 50% discount for the standalone version and on some steering wheels it even comes for free as default.

      We also added the QR2 Base-Side Type-M to our Podium Wheel Base DD1 and Podium Wheel Base DD2 without any price increase to ensure the future compatibility for our Podium customers.

      We are thrilled to get the QR2 into your hands.

      Let us know what you think.


      QR2 is here!

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  • European Shipping Delays – Update 2
    • Fanatec orders in Europe are currently experiencing delays and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

      As many of you have already heard, we recently started working with a new logistics partner. Our old warehouse simply could not operate at the high volume that our operations in Europe now demand, so this was an essential change. Unfortunately, during the transition we encountered several unexpected issues that led to a backlog in processing your orders. We have added more staff and temporarily doubled the number of packing stations to handle this situation.

      Understandably, many of you want updates on tracking information and estimated delivery times and are reaching out to our team. They are responding to your questions in the order in which we receive them, and we rely on your patience while we work through the backlog.

      You can find the latest updates in this FAQ article.

      We take these issues very seriously, and we are committed to resolving them - it is our top priority to return to our usual turnaround time as soon as possible. Our team is working tirelessly to make this a reality.

      Thank you for your patience.

      Update 1

      Due to the countless inquiries our support agents are completely overloaded and we have a backlog of several thoudand e-mails.

      This affects all customers on all territories.

      We absoluetely feel for you and thank you for your patience and support. As soon as we have an indication of when things go back to normal, we will post it here.

      Update 2

      We've made significant progress in rectifying Quick Release order mix-ups and shipping omissions. A dedicated team is actively working on these cases, and we anticipate all open shipments to be resolved by the end of the week.

      Thank you for your continued support.

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  • The New CSL Universal Hub V2
    • We introduce the CSL Universal Hub V2 and some new Wheel Rim bundles at an incredible price. That’s NINE new Steering Wheels at 199.95€! 

      The CSL Universal Hub V2 is a refinement of the original design, retaining its unique width adjustment feature to suit a variety of wheel rim diameters.

      The new metal bracing improves rigidity by up to 23%, and the shifter paddles are have a more comfortable shape and feature a new spring mechanism. 

      The CSL Universal Hub V2 is available in all regions at the same price as the V1: 

      EU: 149.95€ 

      US: $149.95 

      Japan: ¥20,000 

      Australia: $249.90 


      And we have a special deal when you purchase the CSL Universal Hub V2 with selected Fanatec Wheel Rims. Regional pricing for the Steering Wheel bundles: 


      EU: 199.95€ 

      US: $199.95 

      Japan: ¥25,800 

      Australia: $349.90 


      Of course, the incredible CSL DD discount still applies to these new wheels (and the Hub itself). Simply add one of these wheels to your cart alongside a pedal set and a CSL DD, and you’ll get the wheel base for just 199.95€. 

      The breadth of choice in the Fanatec ecosystem continues to be unmatched!  

      Your Fanatec Team

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  • Everyone deserves direct drive. CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle for just 399.95€/$*!
    • We’ve done it again - another game-changing price point in sim racing! We now offer the CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle - a full direct drive package consisting of steering wheel, wheel base, and pedals for just 399.95€/$*. This is saving 150€/$* compared to buying these products separately!

      Plus, you can save an additional 50€/$* if you add the Boost Kit at the same time!

      Just like the groundbreaking CSL DD launch price, this is another step towards bringing direct drive technology to a wider audience. For many years, Fanatec has concentrated its efforts on high-end sim racing equipment, and beginners would aspire towards stepping up to Fanatec, but until now the price has made the equipment unattainable. While entry-level brands have recently tried to attract the higher-end, we are bringing our high-end technology to the entry level audience at an unbelievable price.

      We were sold out for quite a while because of the chip shortage but now the production is running at full speed again and we benefit from the cost savings of mass production.

      CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle for PC includes:

      CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2

      The steering wheel’s lightweight construction helps to retain fine force feedback detail even at low torque settings. Its 300 mm diameter is suitable for many vehicle types. It features a RevStripe and display, and metal paddle shifters.

      CSL DD Wheel Base

      The CSL DD raises the bar for performance at this price point. The powerful direct drive servo motor delivers linear, consistent performance (5 Nm torque), with the optional Boost Kit 180 (sold separately) unlocking the maximum strength (8 Nm torque). If the boost kit is bought right away, you save another 50,-€/$ !

      CSL Pedals

      Both the throttle and brake axes use precision Hall-effect sensors. The stability of the all-metal design means it is built to last. The stiffer spring on the brake pedal combined with the PU foam damper provides a realistic, progressive feeling. The pedals can be easily upgraded to a load cell brake +clutch for even higher performance.

      Fanatec makes high-end sim racing products affordable and from now on you can buy a real Direct Drive for the price of a gear or belt-driven wheel.

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  • Fanatec becomes Official Steering Wheel Partner of Gran Turismo
    • Fanatec becomes Official Steering Wheel Partner of the Gran Turismo World Series, and announces sponsorship of Igor Fraga in the 2023 Super Formula Lights series.

      This is a proud moment for Fanatec, where all our hard work bringing the first official direct drive products for Gran Turismo is recognised by becoming the Official Steering Wheel Partner of the Gran Turismo World Series.

      The Gran Turismo World Series 2023 is an international championship open to anyone with a copy of Gran Turismo 7. Both the Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup championships feature seven online rounds, culminating in two live events – the 'World Series Showdown 2023' in August, and 'World Finals 2023' in December. As Official Steering Wheel Partner, both live events will see the competitors racing exclusively on Fanatec hardware.

      Additionally, we will have our own section added to the Brand Central area of Gran Turismo 7.

      We will also be providing support for the 2018 Gran Turismo World Series Nations Cup winner Igor Omura Fraga as a personal sponsor throughout the 2023 Super Formula Lights series. We’ve followed Igor’s career with great interest, as he is one of the most exciting drivers developing their skills and winning championships in both real-world and virtual motorsports. 

      2023 is a landmark year for Gran Turismo, emphasising the vision that they share with us of bringing virtual and real worlds closer together. We also can’t wait to see the movie, which tells the true story of another sim racer who became a real racing driver.

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  • Gran Turismo DD Pro (8 Nm) available for pre-order today - UPDATE 1
    • GT DD Pro is back!

      As I mentioned in a recent update, our component supply is looking better for 2023, and what you’re seeing is the first evidence of that. The Gran Turismo DD Pro will soon enter mass production again, but with the ongoing sea freight delays, it would take months for the first units to reach our regional warehouses when sent by the standard sea routes. So we have decided to arrange a special air shipment of the first batches to our warehouses (cutting months from the arrival time!) and as a gesture to thank you for your patience, we will absorb the costs of the air freight.

      The Gran Turismo DD Pro (8 Nm) package and the Gran Turismo DD Pro Premium Bundle are the first to go live today, open for pre-orders, and we estimate the first units will be in customers’ hands before the end of February 2023. 

      The availability dates are calculated conservatively; there is a strong chance the units will arrive even earlier than the estimated date currently listed on the website.

      We already made pre-orders possible in EU and USA but Australia and Japan will follow shortly. CSL DD will also follow soon as we expect that all supply issues should be gone in Q2 next year.

      UPDATE 1: The first units are already on the way from our production facilities to our local warehouses in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. It is not enough yet to fullfill all open orders but production goes on in full steam and we will shortly start production of all other missing units as well.

      Customers will receive their orders on a first come - first serve basis so please place your pre-order in time.

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  • Our biggest ever Black Friday sale! Starts November 25th to celebrate our 25th anniversary.
    • It’s that time of year again… but this one is extra special! To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’re saying thank you for your passion and enthusiasm for our products over the years with our biggest ever sale.

      Free Upgrade!

      Firstly, we’re offering what is essentially a ‘free upgrade’ for some of our most popular products:

      ClubSport Pedals V3 Inverted for the regular price of the ClubSport Pedals V3

      ClubSport Pedals V3 for the regular price of the CSL Elite Pedals V2

      Podium Wheel Base DD2 for the regular price of the DD1

      (The term 'free upgrade' refers to the reduced prices on the ClubSport Pedals V3 Inverted, ClubSport Pedals V3, and Podium Wheel Base DD2. It is not possible to trade your existing hardware.)

      Spice up your CSL DD / Gran Turismo DD Pro!

      Next, we’re offering 30% off all the popular upgrades for the CSL DD and Gran Turismo DD Pro: the Boost Kit 180, and the CSL Pedals Clutch Kit, Load Cell Kit, and Tuning Kit.

      Wheel Mania!

      Then, some very special steering wheel deals, with 10% off ANY Steering Wheel / Hub from the store, as well as up to 30% off some new bundles of two or three wheels combined with performance upgrades (the 10% discount on individual wheels does not stack with the bundle discounts).

      Anniversary Sale!

      And finally, an Anniversary Sale where we will bring back some products from the past (availability varies per region). In most cases, these are ‘new old stock’, but we will also offer special highlights like a very small number of limited edition F1 wheels from the last few years - these are reserved units from our safety stock, the total amount from the limited production runs has not changed! This Anniversary Sale will be the very last chance to grab some iconic products from Fanatec’s history. Availability depends on the region and the products come with a limited warranty as we obviously cannot replace a unit. If a warranty claim is necessary, we will attempt to repair, and if this is not possible, we will offer an appropriate alternative.

      The site will go live on Black Friday itself, November 25th, and the offers will remain (while stocks last!) until the end of Cyber Monday. 

      Check out all the offers on!

      And don’t forget, we still have some stock remaining of the discounted Podium Racing Wheel F1® and Podium Racing Wheel F1® Premium Bundle in US and AU regions, grab this great deal while you still can!

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  • Podium Racing Wheel F1® at a reduced price for a limited time!

    • Firstly, I’d like to provide some updates. Supply chain restrictions and component shortages have contributed to the slow movement of our announced products, but we have made great progress recently and we have much to talk about. 

      QR2 - this is a fundamental change to the ecosystem and our opportunity to make major improvements to the quick release. While we (and BMW) are satisfied with our QR design currently being used on the M4 GT3 race car, it has been a challenge to bring this design to mass production for our full range of steering wheels and wheel bases (including a ‘Lite’ version for our CSL Series). The extended development time has ensured the best possible future for the Fanatec quick release. The latest pre-production samples are performing great, but we will only provide release dates and pricing information when we are ready. 

      Wheel Base production - many of you have noticed we have been ‘sold out’ of some of our wheel bases for some time. The demand has been very high, and our production has been stalled by component shortages. We will continue to work hard to address this bottleneck, but the effect of the semiconductor crisis continues to be felt across the industry, and I can confirm that the CSL DD will not be available again until Q1 2023.

      Podium Steering Wheel Bentley GT3 - the development of this wheel has also been affected by the chip shortage. Although this product was already used very effectively in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, and its mechanical and structural design is well-proven, we were unsatisfied with the performance of the display, and we have used the extra time to completely re-engineer the electronics. We now plan to launch the wheel in the first half of 2023.

      Now for the best news of the day. Despite the supply delays, we were recently able to secure all components for the Podium Racing Wheel F1, and run the production line at full capacity. Because we know it will be difficult to get your hands on our entry-level bases until next year, we decided to offer the Podium Racing Wheel F1 at a reduced price for a limited time. (We would like to offer this price until the CSL DD returns, but we expect a high demand, so let’s say ‘while stocks last’.)

      The new pricing per region is as follows:

      Podium Racing Wheel F1®

      US: 1299.95 USD (previously 1799.95 USD) -28%

      EU: 1299.95 EUR (previously 1799.95 EUR) -28%

      AU: 1999.95 AUD (previously 2799.90 AUD) -29%

      This price drop means that the Podium Racing Wheel F1 is now one of the great bargains in sim racing. It remains the most powerful direct drive system for PlayStation (4 and 5) at 20 Nm. It’s a great choice for PC users as well, and can be used on Xbox if combined with one of our Xbox-licensed steering wheels. I can assure you that the Podium Racing Wheel F1 will be supported for years to come by the Fanatec ecosystem.

      We are also offering a new bundle of the Podium Racing Wheel F1 plus the ClubSport Pedals V3. With this huge saving we see this now as the ultimate starter set—our most high performance ready-to-race package—that would look the part on any rig.

      Podium Racing Wheel F1® Premium Bundle

      US: 1499.95 USD (previously 2199.90 USD) -32%

      EU: 1499.95 EUR (previously 2199.90 EUR) -32%

      AU: 2299.95 AUD (previously 3349.80 AUD) -31%

      For many, the Podium Racing wheel is not an alternative to the CSL DD or GT DD Pro but this is the best we can do for now and it is a big chance for anybody who considered an upgrade anyway.

      I am very positive that all shortages will be over in 2023 and things go back to normal. Thanks for your loyalty.

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  • Happy Birthday Fanatec! Celebrating 25 Years of Endor

    • This anniversary is a big milestone for any company, particularly for one focused on input devices for games and simulations. 25 years ago, the gaming peripheral market was totally different, and it has been a remarkable journey to be part of the evolution of technology until today.

      I started Endor in October 1997, so now is the time to take a look back down memory lane, and to appreciate how far we have come. Earlier this year we celebrated with our colleagues in our home town of Landshut, Bavaria. We invited special guests to a second celebration at the Spa 24 Hours, which was also covered on our YouTube channel as part of a series of videos about the 2022 Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe season:

      Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a few videos that explain some of the 25 year history of Fanatec and Endor AG.

      To sum it up: I absolutely had no idea of what we could achieve. I do have quite some imagination and vision but if somebody would have told me 25 years ago that actual race drivers fight for championship points in our simulators or that a legendary GOAT wins the (real!) Rally Monte Carlo with our steering wheel then I would not have believed him.

      And this is just the beginning...

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  • Introducing the CSL Elite Pedals V2!

    • Following the great feedback we’ve received for the CSL Pedals, it was time to revisit the CSL Elite Pedals design. The new CSL Elite Pedals V2 have a familiar appearance, but look closer and you’ll find an overhauled load cell brake system, Hall sensors on throttle and clutch, and many refinements to the design.

      Magnetic sensors.

      One of the big changes is the move to precision Hall-effect sensors on the throttle and clutch axes. By measuring pedal position with magnets, the system is contactless, meaning no wear on the sensors and consistent performance.

      Overhauled brake pedal.

      The brake pedal has been reworked, with an all-new custom load cell sensor rated to over 200 kg, tuned to a genuine 90 kg (adjustable) at the pedal plate. The adjustable, tool-free elastomer stack incorporates a coil spring to simulate the initial movement of the brake pad to the disc. You can easily adjust the firmness of the pedal travel by selecting between elastomer springs (included).

      Drive your way.

      CSL Elite Pedals V2 connect directly to any supported FANATEC® Wheel Base via the included RJ12 cable. Alternatively, they can be used as a standalone USB device (on PC) using the included USB cable. Pedal position can be adjusted sideways along the heel rest, and it is easily configurable as a two-pedal set. Detachable rubber pads on the pedal faces give you the choice between high or low friction. The amount of braking force required can be easily tweaked through the Fanatec Tuning Menu.

      Check out the full details on the product page.

      The CSL Elite Pedals V2 is available with immediate shipment

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  • Price increases coming next week
    • This time I have to blog about something rather unfortunate.

      Increased costs is the reality of manufacturing electromechanical products in the current global climate. We’ve been absorbing and managing this for more than a year, in the hope that the situation would improve, but it is now time to make some adjustments. 

      Shipping costs increased not just by a few percent but are now multiples of what we had before and don't get me started about stupid prices for chips as the shortage continues until 2023.

      Starting March 17th 2022, several products across our CSL, ClubSport, and Podium lines will increase in price. However, it’s not a blanket increase across all products, and I’m happy to say that we’ve been able to keep many products the same, including retaining the basic pricing for the core component in our ecosystem: the Wheel Bases. Following a reassessment of our price structure, we have also been able to lower the price of a small number of products due to a good currency exchange rate (the price decreases have already been applied today). 

      We wanted to give you a heads-up before we apply the price increases next week. We are keeping the changes to a minimum, and will continue to work hard to offer great value, innovation, and performance across the entire Fanatec product range.

      So in short: If you plan to purchase something from us in the near future then this weekend would be the right time to do it. 😉

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  • Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base launched!

    • Our first PlayStation-licensed standalone direct drive wheel base is now available to order. The Boost Kit 180 is included, meaning that you get the full 8 Nm of performance right out of the box. 

      The Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base offers an alternative to the ready-to-race Gran Turismo DD Pro package, for those who prefer to select a different Fanatec steering wheel, pedal set, and so on.

      Just like the CSL DD, the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base is compatible with the entire Fanatec ecosystem. The added compatibility for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles comes at a premium above the CSL DD (8 Nm) package, but it means any Fanatec product connected to the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base also becomes PlayStation-compatible, so you’ll have incredible freedom to select anything from our website.

      It has been a pleasure to work with Polyphony Digital on this project, and there is still more to come! See you on track in Gran Turismo 7.

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  • GT7 launch weekend

    • I want to offer my congratulations to Sony and Polyphony Digital for the successful launch of Gran Turismo 7. I’m just getting started with the game, but clearly it is another landmark title in this great series, and has been praised by critics and life-long fans alike. Gran Turismo’s stunning presentation and fun challenges built on top of a realistic physics engine means that Gran Turismo 7 will become the entry point into sim racing for a whole new generation of gamers. 

      It is the 25th anniversary of Gran Turismo but also the 25th anniversary of Fanatec! It took a little while to make the official GT steering wheel but I hope the wait was worth it.

      We’re incredibly proud of our partnership with the game and to be delivering the only official Direct Drive wheel for Gran Turismo. The Gran Turismo DD Pro is available now! It’s an amazing way to experience Gran Turismo 7, and so many players around the world are already enjoying this hardware and software combination.

      And for the guys wanting the wheel base standalone I can say that it is a matter days rather than weeks before we can announce something. ;)

      Please give me some feedback how you like GT7 with our products so far.

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  • ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® Esports V2 available now!
    • The original F1 Esports wheel was an essential part of the F1 Esports Pro Series, and became a really popular product as our lowest-priced ClubSport-grade formula-style wheel. Despite our increasing manufacturing costs, and the feature improvements, we’ve managed to set the price of the V2 at 269.95 €/$. 

      We’re still using a CNC-machined and anodised aluminium front plate, but it has been changed to accommodate the improved LEDs. We’ve added RGB FlagLEDs to match the Formula V2.5 wheels, and the main RevLEDs are now RGB too. This means you can customise the colours using FanaLab and more accurately match the appearance of the car you’re driving. 

      We’ve also upgraded to magnetic shifters, built from polymer composite, with metal paddles. Like our other magnetic shifters, the actuation feels more precise and satisfying. The revised electronics means it can also be upgraded to the ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module and Podium Advanced Paddle Module.

      Now our entire ClubSport Steering Wheel range features magnetic shifters and an exchangeable quick release, so they are all ready for QR2.

      This is the lowest priced formula wheel on the market with RGB LEDs and magnetic shifters, and is shipping today!

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  • Sébastien Loeb wins the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally using Fanatec equipment!
    • We saw an incredible start to the 2022 WRC season in Monte Carlo this weekend. Two of the all-time greatest rally drivers, Sébastien Loeb and Sébastien Ogier were in a class of their own throughout the rally, and it went down to the final stage to decide the winner. Loeb snatched the win, his 80th WRC rally victory, and an awesome achievement for the nine-time world champion who has only temporarily returned to WRC from his main focus with Dakar and Extreme E. 

      Fanatec has a history with Monte Carlo - one of our earliest sim racing products was the ‘Fanatec Monte Carlo’ wheel, which then evolved into the Speedster series.

      The Monte Carlo wheel had analog hand paddles for gas/brake and steel springs instead of the rubber bands which were popular at that time. I truly had absolutely no idea that 20 years later we would come up with a wheel which actually wins the Monte Carlo Rally.

      And this is our new beauty:

      So it was especially gratifying to see our latest product, the Podium Button Module Rally, being used in the winning car, the M-Sport Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 WRC. This new button module was designed in collaboration with the M-Sport World Rally Team, and is an integral part of the car’s hybrid control, allowing the drivers to quickly adjust Engine, Regen, and Boost settings, as well as operate many other functions. 

      Stay tuned for more details!

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  • Shipping situation GT DD Pro

    • The supply chain issues continues and there is still a container shortage and much longer sea freight times as before. Airfreight is a fast but expensive alternative. The express version has been quite popular and now we have good news for the ones which were hesitating.

      With the holiday rush over, air freight rates from China have reduced significantly. Therefore I’m pleased to say that we are now able to drop the price of the Gran Turismo DD Pro Express Version by 100€/$. The new price for the Express Version is already live on the website in all regions. This offer will only be available for a limited time.

      The launch of the regular wheels in march is safe and we are sure to deliver all open orders by middle of march. Some quantity might even arrive already in February so some existing pre-orders might be shipped earlier than expected. I will give you an update in early February.

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  • The first F1Esports driver to make it to F2
    • Congratulations Cem. You made it! 

      We already know sim racing is a crucial part for any driver to practice and hone their skills. To see a so serious sim racer like Cem Bölükbaşı drive in F1 Esports and then pursue a motorsport career is what sim racing is all about. We’ve supported Cem with Fanatec equipment since the beginning and last year we invited him over to Brno in Czech Republic for his first drive in an F2 car and to now see him announced as a F2 driver makes me real proud and happy.   

       I was driving ahead of him on his very first laps in a F2 car and he was probably quite bored behind me. 

       I am looking forward to following Cem in F2 next season and I am quite confident his career will not stop there.   


      Great job, Cem, and good luck!  

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  • The next race car wheel will be for Rally!
    • We continue to leave our footprints in the motorsport world and it won’t stop with Pikes Peak and GT3 Racing! With our latest partnership together with M-Sport Ford Rally Team we are getting ready to see Fanatec inside the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 that will make its debut race in Rallye Monte Carlo on January 20, 2022. Establishing this partnership at the start of the hybrid era in WRC is the perfect timing for us to be involved and keep on changing the motorsport world forever, making sim racing be a given part of any racing series. 


      The all-new Puma Hybrid Rally1 looks great, if you squint extra hard you might spot something we made in this video:  



      While we’re not quite ready to show you the product and all its details today, be on the lookout during the upcoming rally weekend and you will already see it in action.

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  • GT DD Pro is in stock and ready for immediate shipment
    • Mass production of the Gran Turismo DD Pro is underway, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure that the first batches arrive in time for Gran Turismo 7 in March 2022, despite the extended shipping times currently affecting global sea freight. 

      At the same time, we knew that many customers would like to receive a GT DD Pro before Christmas, so we are offering a limited number of ‘Express Versions’ that have been sent from our production facilities in China to our regional warehouses using air freight. This is an expensive shipping option but is the only way to bypass the delays at the ports. The first units have already arrived in EU, AU, and JP regions (you’ll see the product page now says ‘Available’ and ‘Ready to ship’ - some customers even received theirs today) and will be ready to ship from the US warehouse on Monday. All Gran Turismo DD Pro Express orders placed so far will ship by next week.

      If you order the Express Version right now, we are confident that you will receive the unit by Christmas (all regions). We will make adjustments to the information on the product page when this is no longer possible.

      For those receiving units already, we've just posted our Video Manual to guide you through the initial setup:

      Let us know if you find these videos helpful!

      Further information can be found in the written product manual, available in the Downloads section of the product page.

      We’ll also be offering a GT DD Pro unit as a giveaway, keep an eye out on socials this weekend!

      And last but not least: All CSL DDs with boost kit which have been pre-ordered up to this date have been produced and are on the way by sea freight to our global logistic centers. Shipping still takes much longer than usual but we try hard to keep the dates which were promised to you when you placed the order. Please note that the current shipping dates are only relevant for new orders. As you can see in numerous posts from happy customers, we are constantly shipping out this product. There is a shortage on the power supplies for the 5Nm version but we hope to solve that by middle of next year.

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  • Black Friday 2021 deals are now live, and the Gran Turismo DD Pro is available for pre-order!

    • The upcoming CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 will be our lowest priced wheel at 119.95€, and we’re doing a special introductory price just for Black Friday at 99.95€. This Black Friday edition is available in very limited numbers. It has a different grip texture compared to the standard version, otherwise the specifications are the same. 

      This also means that the bar to enter our eco system has been set much lower now as the most affordable wheels so far were at 199,95.

      The CSL Steering Wheel R300 is a combination of the CSL Universal Hub and Podium Wheel Rim R300, which is a 100€ or 33% discount. This deal will only be active for the Black Friday weekend.

      We’re also introducing the final products to complete the CSL Pedals line-up: the Load Cell Kit and the Tuning Kit! The CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit also has a special introductory price at 119.95€, just for Black Friday. Once this offer ends, the Load Cell Kit will be 139.95€, but we will continue to offer a bundle with the CSL Pedals + Load Cell Kit for 199.95€. 

      The CSL Pedals Tuning Kit is now available for pre-order for 34.95€. These elegant aluminium plates add the finishing touch to your CSL Pedals. They look and feel really great.

      And of course we have launched the Gran Turismo DD Pro and its various bundles, due to ship in March 2022, plus an Express version sent by air freight to arrive before Christmas.

      Many people are asking for the standalone Wheel Base of the GT DD Pro and we are very close to finalize the licensing agreement with Sony. Therefore I cannot officially announce anything but the plan is to sell this base with the Boost kit 180 for 599,95 and make it also available for the launch of GT7 in March.

      We are anticipating a huge amount of traffic, and we will be carefully monitoring the site throughout the day and through the weekend. The Black Friday Sale will end on Tuesday morning CET.

      Good luck!

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  • Gran Turismo DD Pro - The wheel everybody was asking for

    • I am incredibly proud to introduce the official Direct Drive Wheel for Gran Turismo®. I can assure you that Fanatec has been waiting for this moment with just as much anticipation as you. I've been dedicated to the idea of developing a Gran Turismo licensed product for the past 15 years, and it has been a pleasure to work directly with legendary game designer Kazunori Yamauchi and his team at Polyphony Digital. I believe we have created the best officially licensed Gran Turismo product ever, and I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

      Here's a quick summary:

      • The first licensed Direct Drive wheel for PlayStation®5 (fully compatible with PlayStation®4 as well)
      • The first official Direct Drive Wheel for the Gran Turismo™ series
      • Package includes steering wheel, wheel base, table clamp, pedals, power supply - everything you need to start racing
      • 5 Nm peak torque using included power supply
      • 8 Nm peak torque unlocked with Boost Kit 180 (sold separately)
      • Wheel base is compatible with entire Fanatec ecosystem
      • PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and PC-compatible out of the box
      • Pedals can be upgraded to load cell brake technology (upgrade kits sold separately)
      • 699.95 €/$ (in EU incl. VAT)

      The Gran Turismo series has one of the most significant legacies in sim racing. This is the series that introduced many of us to the idea of a more realistic type of racing in a video game. Polyphony Digital pioneered the realistic racer on the original PlayStation, and the release of a new version for each PlayStation generation is always a big event. We’re super excited about Gran Turismo 7 coming in early March 2022, and of course we have been working hard to prepare this product to be ready in time. 

      In fact, we are offering the option to air-freight the very first units before Christmas! You can enjoy your existing PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 racing games, including Gran Turismo Sport, on this incredible new hardware while you wait for the big Gran Turismo 7 release in March. 

      The CSL DD has received universal acclaim from reviewers and customers alike. The Gran Turismo DD Pro uses the same groundbreaking technology, with an all-new direct drive wheel base at its core. This compact base packs a surprising punch, particularly if you add the Boost Kit 180, which allows the maximum 8 Nm of peak torque. Our patented FluxBarrier technology and the lightweight internals (including a carbon fibre-reinforced steering axis) helps to communicate force feedback detail with remarkable clarity.

      Steering wheel designed by Polyphony Digital.

      This unique 280 mm steering wheel for Gran Turismo DD Pro was designed by Polyphony Digital, providing the perfect interface between you and the game. The white OLED display and diffused RevLED strip offers useful visual information while driving and operating the Fanatec Tuning Menu, which is a first for a Gran Turismo-licensed wheel. A unique array of four 5-way directional sticks sit alongside the familiar PlayStation® inputs.

      Strong, high-precision, two-pedal set.

      This isn’t your typical bundled pedal set. The pedals for Gran Turismo DD Pro are solidly built from steel, with precise and durable Hall sensors that allow you to stay in control with smooth throttle and brake inputs. These pedals are compatible with the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit (sold separately), which is the perfect upgrade to take realism to the next level. The pedals can also be combined with the CSL Pedals Tuning Kit, if you would like to upgrade to metal pedal plates. 

      We’ve included a table clamp in the box as well, so this is truly a ready-to-race package for an incredible price. 

      The Gran Turismo DD Pro will be available to pre-order from November 26th, starting at 699.95 €/$ with deliveries in March 2022. Check out for all the details.

      A standalone version of this PlayStation-compatible wheel base is also on the way, subject to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s final product approval.

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  • Introducing the CSL Steering Wheel BMW!

    • Today at BMW Sim Live 2021, we revealed a new product in our expanding CSL Series. I’m very happy that we continue to grow our partnership with BMW. The introduction of the real steering wheel for the 2022 BMW M4 GT3 race car (Podium Series), and the GT2 V2 replica (ClubSport Series), and now the CSL Steering Wheel BMW at just 139.95 €/$ means there is an officially-licensed BMW wheel for every budget. 

      The new 300 mm diameter CSL wheel might look familiar to you but we did not just slap a BMW logo on a P1 wheel. BMW designed the beautiful graphics on the front plate and the same design continues seemlessly into the wheel grip texture. The copper/black colour scheme is stylish and classy and makes this wheel a real eye catcher.

      The product is available for pre-order on the site now!

      The BMW Sim Live 2021 live stream is viewable on...

      We're committed to developing high-performance sim racing hardware at affordable prices. The introduction of new, lower-priced wheels in our CSL range like this BMW and the upcoming P1 V2 (plus Black Friday Edition in limited quantities!), makes the move to direct drive technology more attainable for more people. These wheels combined with the CSL Pedals and CSL DD deliver the best value on the market for a race-ready direct drive setup.

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  • The Podium BMW M4 GT3 wheel is almost here! Here’s the information you’ve been waiting for.

    • As you probably know, we are a bit behind schedule on the release of the Podium Steering Wheel BMW M4 GT3. I won’t bore you with the details, but this has been a very tough year for product development and manufacturing across the entire industry. In particular the automotive sector has been hit hard, and because we use so many automotive-grade materials and chips in our products, we have been hit with the same kind of setbacks.

      But we’re on the final stretch now, and we are already shipping units to BMW Motorsport for the real cars. Those units are still built by hand on a small scale but we are now ramping up production to increase the output.

      Now for the information you’ve been waiting for: the Podium Steering Wheel BMW M4 GT3 will be available for pre-order for 1399.95 €/$ starting December 20th.

      So it is not the 4000,- or 5000,- of similar real world race car steering wheels as rumored by some people. Although it is certainly the most expensive wheel in our line up it is well below other motorsport wheels and even well below other simracing wheels out there.

      This product is exactly the same wheel that goes into the real car. It’s not a replica. This has never been done before and I am very proud of what we’ve been able to achieve here. The original announcement video is below:

      If you’re interested in seeing the whole story, check out this documentary:

      The wheel is of course compatible with our new quick release system and the price is of course including this new QR. But it is also compatible with our QR1 system which is included as well so you have the free choice.

      I also suggest that you tune into the BMW Sim Live 2021 live stream later today...

      Further information and technical details available on

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  • We’re announcing our Black Friday 2021 deals early! And there’s more to come…


      This year we’re bringing back a fan favourite—the classic P1 wheel—with some improvements. The CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 will be our lowest priced wheel at 119.95€, and we’re doing a special introductory price just for Black Friday at 99.95€. This Black Friday edition has a different grip texture compared to the standard version, otherwise the specifications are the same. 

      The CSL Steering Wheel R300 is a combination of the CSL Universal Hub and Podium Wheel Rim R300, which is a 100€ discount. This deal will only be active for the Black Friday weekend.

      We’re also introducing the final products to complete the CSL Pedals line-up: the Load Cell Kit and the Tuning Kit! The CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit also has a special introductory price at 119.95€, just for Black Friday. Once this offer ends, the Load Cell Kit will be 139.95€, but we will continue to offer a bundle with the CSL Pedals + Load Cell Kit for 199.95€. 

      The CSL Pedals Tuning Kit will also be available for pre-order starting on Black Friday. These elegant aluminium plates add the finishing touch to your CSL Pedals. They look and feel really great.

      And by the way, there will be one more new product shown on Black Friday and I have the feeling that some people are already waiting for it.

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  • CSL DDs shipping early!

    • I’m happy to tell you that the production batches for the first wave of pre-orders (existing customers) have been shipped by air, and they have arrived even earlier than expected.

      As you may know, there have been some challenging circumstances for all electronics manufacturing this year, with the semiconductor shortage and an ongoing shipping crisis having a global effect on production and availability. But we really appreciate our loyal customers, so we've invested extra money to ensure that you get your CSL DDs on time. 

      The first pre-order starts shipping from today. You’ll find your tracking number in the ‘Orders’ section of your account once it is processed.

      We’ve also continued to improve the performance of the CSL DD with firmware development, and there is a mandatory driver update that will give you a better experience with your new hardware: ensure that you download Fanatec Driver 409 (or newer) and use it to update the CSL DD firmware and all your connected devices:

      The update applies some fixes and performance improvements, including a smoother overall feeling and optimisations to the damper effect. The driver user interface has been overhauled and is easier to use. Check the changelog included with the driver download for the full details. Please note that all the reviews out there were made with the old firmware/driver.

      Here’s a video guide to help you get started:

      Please post your first impressions here in the blog!

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  • New live chat with instant access to our support team

    • We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve and expand our customer service and technical support departments. Part of this evolution is to return to a live chat system that provides a better personal customer experience.

      The new live chat feature—which works seamlessly with an upgraded chatbot—will allow you to access both customer service (order enquiries, general enquiries) and technical support (hardware/software enquiries, troubleshooting) more efficiently. 

      Forwarding queries to other team members is now possible, meaning that you can switch topics and reach the correct department within the same conversation.

      The chat is downloadable/printable, which can be helpful for in-depth technical support tips or product consultation. 

      During the initial roll-out of this feature, the operating times for both customer service and technical support queries are Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m (CEST). We’ll monitor the usage carefully and expand the opening times in the near future, with the plan to offer technical support chat during weekends too.

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  • The beginning of a new era: Fanatec and Polyphony
    • Finally! I waited so many years to make this happen:

      "Fanatec announces partnership with PlayStation Studios, Polyphony Digital

      Landshut, Germany – 13.7.21 – Fanatec, the leading brand in sim racing hardware, has entered a partnership with Japan-based game studio Polyphony Digital. Together they are developing new Gran Turismo®-licensed racing peripherals using advanced force-feedback technology, with the aim to reduce the distinction between sim racing and real-world racing.

      Founded in 1997, Fanatec introduced several significant innovations to sim racing over the years, including the incorporation of belt-drive technology in consumer-grade wheel bases, introducing load cell brake technology and contactless sensors to mass-market pedal sets, and launching the first ever direct-drive system for PlayStation®4. Its partnerships with leading automotive manufacturers and world-famous racing series have helped to increase awareness of sim racing, making it an integral part of modern motorsport.

      When Polyphony Digital released the first title in the Gran Turismo series in 1997, it redefined what was possible in racing games, and was critically acclaimed for its detailed graphics, vast number of licensed cars, and realistic driving physics. In 2001, Gran Turismo™ 3 pioneered the use of force-feedback on home consoles. With the Gran Turismo franchise Polyphony Digital has engineered a world-renowned, finely tuned, and accessible game that everyone from casual to competitive drivers can enjoy.

      Thomas Jackermeier, CEO of Endor AG, parent company to Fanatec said:

      “For many years, Kazunori Yamauchi has pushed the limits on the software side and played a massive role in making sim racing popular. Now we have joined forces with the shared goal to continue to merge virtual and real-world racing together. We have several exciting projects in the pipeline and I can’t wait to see how they perform in Gran Turismo.”

      Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony Digital and producer of the Gran Turismo series added:

      "For many years, Fanatec has been one of the outstanding companies on the leading edge of simulation hardware technology. While the quality and performance of their products is impressive, it's their desire to innovate in motorsports that resonates with us the most. Polyphony Digital and Fanatec share this same spirit and long-term ambition, and I'm really excited about what we can create together."

      More details about the partnership products between Fanatec and Polyphony Digital will be announced soon."

      There is no product announcement so far but the first product of this partnership will be announced in a couple of weeks and production is planned to start this year. The industrial design will be made by Polyphony Digital just like they did with other GT licensed products before and I am sure it will be perfectly integrated in their racing titles as other GT products before.

      And we have bigger plans so stay tuned.

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