Anyone ordered DD1 in Europe?

DD1 showing in stock but order from start of June still "in progress" and "preorder". Have any early orders on the DD1 been processed or do we need to remind Fanatec/ cancel and rebuy?



  • Ordered it 5th of June, haven't received it yet.

  • Jim GroveJim Grove Member
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    Yeah me too. They're now in stock ready to ship. Bit naughty if their not processing old orders first. What if back orders wipe out the stock? They should ship back orders first THEN advertise in stock ( if any are left over). Not dealt with Fanatec before so I don't know how they do things. Really don't like this "pay now, receive later" thing. It limits us in this position. Wait and hope they remember. Email and wait 14 days. Cancel and hope refund comes in before stock runs out.

  • dd1 bundle 31/may

    at that time the back order date was 22/june, it moved out to 31/july mid june.

    though all 3 items in the bundle show ready to ship

    so who knows....

  • I made an order this monday and still no news about my order, still in process when everything i bought was in stock. Also contacted the sales team and got no response..

  • It certainly would be good for our orders to go from in progress to processed. With DD1 in stock and ready to ship, I would hope our orders are now getting sorted but have not shown on the orders page yet. If you've ordered today and it's in stock, historical tendancy leans toward a processed order. Older orders ........who knows?!?! That's where things get very chaotic and random.

  • yeah, 4th of june here, they say it’s available now so .....

  • ....we wait I guess. Maybe tomorrow our order status will change to processed. Hopefully anyway....

  • Yes,same here,I live in UK and ordered dd1 begin of June but no news and still showing order in process 🤔

  • Same here.8th June, still showing "in process". When I ordered, preorder date was 23rd June and the rest of my order is in stock for the 26th June. Still hopeful. Won't be too amused if I get punished for ordering multiple items.

  • I can't help it but I'm beginning to get a bad feeling about this....

    Does anyone have Dominic's pm address. I'm wondering if it's worth nudging our orders along if they don't change by tomorrow.

  • It might be worth tag Domenic here,so we can all have an answer?

    I think they are probably processing the pre orders first,so there will be like a virtual queue and if you buy a dd1 now,it says available on the website but they won't ship it until the shipped the pre orders?

    That would make sense.

  • I hope so my order is unchanged at the moment. I put another order in on June 3rd or 4th for v3 pedals. Maybe they want to ship the lot as one shipment. Be nice to actually see the orders processing though. Just so we know we're not forgotten.

  • I've just messaged Dominic and asked if preorders are going out in this batch. Will post when I get a reply. Fingers crossed............

  • Great Jim,let us know,thanks mate.

  • yes , thanks jim. the dd1 bundle now does say ready to ship

  • purchase of 10 May! just yesterday came the proof of the market and the serial number of dd1 but never the packet tracking number

  • Hey good news! Maybe we have movement! No word from Dominic yet.....

  • Think we can all be hopeful. Maybe they won't penalise me for buying the bundle and v3 pedals after all!

  • Oh dear. DD1 now showing pre order but for June 22nd again. I think it's broken. 😞

  • Yes I saw that,I think we can only wait and see, hopefully they will reply to you soon.

    A statement from Fanatec would have been better though,saying what it is happening with the dd1 bases,at the end we are talking of a lot of money,is not only about the wheel base itself.

  • Yeah it's just luck it seems. I did email them yesterday as well but by the time they reply, either the July batch will be in from China or we'll have our stuff. 14 day turnaround to answer an email about a pending order which is in stock now is an exercise in pointlessness.

    I can only think that this weeks/months shipment has been used up in back orders and we now wait for the July shipment and hope our numbers come up. Why have a number system if nobody outside Fanatec knows what it's used for.

  • My DD1 is still showing preorder but the pedals (on a seperate order) are showing June 26th. It'll be interesting to see if the pedals ship on or around the 26th and/or the status for the DD1 changes after this batch.

  • Off topic - if anyone is interested in magnetic shifters, this company -

    do a cheap 3D printed addon which is getting good reviews, They only ground ship at the moment so it's gonna take 45 to 60 days to UK. Just in time for another fanatec delivery date to fall through......

  • is there anyone who has a stack number from the package UPS tracking!!

  • Same as me on my single order. DD1 showing preorder,but podium shifters,v2 wheel,v3 performance kit,v3 pedals all showing the 26th. If it doesn't come this time then I will probably cancel. Chances of all 5 being available again at the same time isn't good as we know. Seems impossible to get information too.

    If I do cancel then I will be buying the pedals elsewhere for sure. The wheelbase and wheel,maybe I buy fanatec but more likely not. If buying the bundle isn't practical (which appears it's not) then maybe I buy that elsewhere too.

  • Good morning guys, I also usually have your pre-order problem made on June 9th but today everything is stopped. In your opinion, I paid by bank transfer how should I behave? at the moment it even says date of availability unknown = (

  • So indeed, now it’s beginning to look like a scam. They are now showing “date unknown” i seriously doubt fanatecs practices, willingly selling the stuff they know is not there..

  • Jim GroveJim Grove Member
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    Yeah another member ordered on the 22nd when the DD1 showed as available. He said he received it today. This company sucks balls in a big way.

  • Joost DkJoost Dk Member
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    this is getting rediculas now

  • This is getting ridiculous indeed now like Joost said.

    I can't believe they sending new orders out without first fulfill the pre-orders.

    We still no getting any word from Fanatec then?

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