Suggestion: Include a shim with the CS Brake Performance Kit

To make the install safer, Fanatec could include a plastic shim with the BPK. The shim should be just wide enough to fit in the pedal arm next to the rumble cable, just thick enough to prevent the cable from being crushed or stretched during the install, and thin enough to be pulled out safely once the pedal is reassembled. I've seen other ideas proposed (slip a hex key into the pedal arm, use cardboard as a cushion), but Fanatec has the info in their CAD drawings to spec an ideal solution for this. They could also engineer a more elaborate solution that might be better, but you can't beat a simple plastic stick for ease of use or cost to manufacture. I'm thinking 2.5mm thick, though it may need to be slightly thicker or thinner. Thoughts?


  • Follow-up: I tried installing this with a combination of a 2mm base shim, and an 0.73mm guitar pick trimmed and placed under the brake bolt during the install. Using the pick as a glide, the bolt slid over the shim and stayed off the cable as intended. So, more than 2.5mm, less than 3.0mm, works perfectly.
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