New Order

So I have an Amazon CC account and want to order the Podium DD1, Formula Carbon USA wheel, and V3 pedals.  When I got to check out it says in "red"  "If this is your first time ordering use PayPal or your payment may be declined".  This made me put the brakes on fast, and I want to know since this will be my first order if I can do this another way?  Can I use 2 different payment methods to make my purchase?  I try not to listen to all the negative comments about Fanatec support and want to make my own decisions.  Is there not a way to order by phone so I can talk to someone to make sure this is going to go smooth and my order will be correct?  Thanks and any quick response is greatly appreciated.


  • Disregard....I went ahead and placed a different order....It says processing so I hope that means everything is going ok.....I chose 3 day shipping, so excited to get the product this week!  
  • If you got a confirmation email, all should be working as it should.
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