What is the ADC Resolution for Podium Wheel Bases?


I was wondering if anyone knew what the resolution of the ADCs on the podium wheels are.
Are they still 12 bit as on the CSW or have they been upgraded to 16 bits?

Also, if I plug in my pedals through USB, can I still use the ABS rumble in the wheel when the pedals reach a certain threshold?


  • I should specify that I'm asking about the brakes
    If I connect the CSL Elite LC to the Podium, do I still get the 16 bit resolution of the brakes, or does it use 12 bits like if they are connected to the Clubsport Wheel base?
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    AFAIK when you connect the CSL Elite LC pedals to the Podium Wheel Base the Brake will still have only 12bit resolution. For 16bit resolution on the brake pedal you still need to connect the pedals via USB to the PC. 
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