CSL Elite wheelBase FFB lack power problem after feeling two strong blows on left turns.

Hi. I want to report my problem in case someone could tell me what might be happening in my wheelbase. This wheelbase takes only 3 months and not much use. yesterday I was shooting in Iracin and as always everything very well and normally. According to my configuration I have the strength of FFB in 3.1 since I noticed a lot of strength in the Base and within the configuration of the wheel I have parameters very similar to those recommended by Fanatec.

well I will explain what happened to me yesterday. I was doing some training in Spa with the Ferrari GTE and in the chicane when turning left when I was already holding the turn I noticed a strong blow in the FFB almost like a crunch. Do not pay more importance because I thought it would be an answer for some erroneous signal sent by the simulator behind the wheel.

the problem is that several laps later I felt the same impact at the same point of the circuit
exactly in the chicane during the left turn.
After this I began to notice a reduction in the strength of the FFB.
to the point that I feel that I have lost approximately 40 to 60 percent of the FFB's strength. right after that I restarted the simulator and with the same configuration I had before I noticed that the steering wheel was practically without FFB with force to 3.1. previously in fast curbs I had to hold the FFB very strong and now it is very light. I have raised the force to 8 and 12 and I feel good strength but I feel that something is wrong with the sensations. Something is not like before.

thanks in advance


  • Does iRacing have some sort of FFB auto-scaling?
    Since the FFB jolt happened at exactly the same location twice, I'm inclined to think it's in the game.

    Do you have other games to test on?
  • Thanks for your answer.
    I am not sure about this. I can install assetto but I don't think it's from iracing. the force has dropped considerably in general not only at that point in the circuit.
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