Can not calibrate my ClubSport Formula Wheel

Hi all, Im trying to calibrate my Clubsport F1 wheel on a CSW 2.5 base, I have put it in to tuning mode and display says S_1, when I press both the Funky switch and analogue switch at the same time nothing happens, I can press it as many times as I like and nothing happens. 

How can I fix this I have never had this issue, wheel and buttons were all working fine yesterday until did a firmware update today.


  • I had to do a manual calibration in the end Auto calibration would not work at all. finding info on this issue was very hard on the internet.
  • You're talking about the center position calibration, right? What do you mean with "nothing happens"? The only thing that happens is that the position value in the Fanatec driver will be set to zero when you perform this calibration. It does take a bit of fiddling normally, if you get the timing of pressing both buttons a bit wrong then it won't work.

    In the latest beta driver, there's also a button to click in one of the tabs of the Fanatec Driver window to do the same thing.
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